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US Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

USA trivia quiz questions with answers about the USA


US Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

El Paso is at the foot of which mountains?
A: Franklin Mountains.

In which state is the USA's highest mountain?
A: Alaska.

Which river divides Boston and Cambridge?
A: Charles.

The IMF was founded in Bretton Woods in which state?
A: New Hampshire.

Which wind's name is North American Indian for snow eater?
A: Chinook.

Which street crosses Times Square at 42nd Street?
A: Broadway.

Which state's largest port is at the head of the Cook inlet?
A: Alaska.


Which ocean around America is the saltiest?
A: North Atlantic.

Roosevelt named it Shang ri la, what is it now called?
A: Camp David.

What separates cape Cod from the rest of Massachusetts?
A: Cape Cod canal.

Who was Nevada's capital city named after?
A: Kit Carson.

Which lake is linked by canal to the St. Lawrence and Hudson rivers?
A: Champlain.

Which mountain system stretches from Alabama to Quebec?
A: Appalachians.

Where are the headquarters of Coca Cola?
A: Atlanta.


Charleston is on which river?
A: Kanawaha.

Which is the largest of the inlets on the Atlantic coast?
A: Chesapeake Bay.

Cleveland is on which of the Great Lakes?
A: Erie.

What is the third largest city of the USA?
A: Chicago.

Denver is on which river?
A: South Platte.

The Black Hills are composed of which rock?
A: Granite.

Where is Wayne State University?
A: Detroit.


What was called Windy City by a New York newspaper editor?
A: Chicago.

Mount Mitchell is the highest peak in which mountains?
A: Blue Ridge Mountains.

What is the world's second longest single span bridge?
A: Golden Gate Bridge.

What is the largest city in the U.S.?
A: New York City.

What is the longest river in the US? A: The Missouri River.

What state is home to mount Rushmore?
A: South Dakota.

What is the smallest state in land area?
A: Rhode Island.


What is the tallest mountain in the US?
A: Mt.Denali in Alaska.

What is the lowest point in the US?
A: The Badwater Basin in Death Valley, at 279 feet (85 m) below sea level.

What is the deepest lake in the US?
A: Crater Lake, a volcanic crater in southern Oregon with a depth of 1,949 feet.

What is the smallest state in terms of population?
A: Wyoming.

When was the Golden Gate Bridge built?
A: 1933.

What is the largest city in California?
A: Los Angeles.

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