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1980s Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About 1986 Events

1986 trivia questions with answers about things that occurred in the 80s.


1980s Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About 1986 Events

Spain and Portugal enter what?
A: The European Community, which later becomes the European Union.

What does Kodak do after losing a patent battle with Polaroid?
A: Kodak leaves the instant camera business.

Space Shuttle Columbia is launched with the first what?
A: Hispanic-American astronaut, Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz.

The Voyager 2 space probe makes its first encounter with what planet?
A: Uranus.

What happens to Space Shuttle Challenger 73 seconds after launch?
A: It disintegrates, killing the crew of 7 astronauts, including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe.

What animation studio is opened?
A: Pixar.

Who flees Haiti, ending 28 years of family rule?
A: President Jean-Claude Duvalier ("Baby Doc").


The Soviet Union launches what?
A: The Mir space station.

The United States Senate approves a treaty outlawing what?
A: Genocide.

President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines goes into exile in Hawaii after how many years of rule?
A: 20.

Who becomes the first Filipino woman president?
A: Corazon Aquino.

Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme is what?
A: Assassinated on his way home from the cinema.

United States Navy divers find the largely intact but heavily damaged crew compartment of what?
A: The Space Shuttle Challenger; the bodies of all seven astronauts are still inside.

Microsoft Corporation holds its what?
A: Initial public offering of stock shares.


The 58th Academy Awards are held in Los Angeles, with what film winning Best Picture?
A: Out of Africa.

Pope John Paul II officially visits what?
A: The Great Synagogue of Rome, the first time a modern Pope has visited a synagogue.

Geraldo Rivera opens Al Capone's secret vault on The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults, discovering what?
A: Only a bottle of moonshine.

Expo 86, the 1986 World Exposition on Transportation and Communication, a World's fair, opens where?
A: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Who wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Bergen, Norway with her song J'aime la vie?
A: Sandra Kim from Belgium.

Who is inaugurated into his first term as President of Costa Rica?
A: Óscar Arias.

The Montreal Canadiens win their 23rd Stanley Cup In Calgary against what team?
A: The Flames.


At least 5,000,000 people form a human chain from New York City to Long Beach, California, to do what?
A: To raise money to fight hunger and homelessness.

Who pleads guilty to espionage for selling top secret United States military intelligence to Israel?
A: Jonathan Pollard.

Who is elected president of Austria.
A: Former United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim.

Argentina defeats who 3–2 to win the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico City?
A: West Germany.

The Statue of Liberty is reopened to the public after what?
A: An extensive refurbishment.

What happens to Australian drug smugglers Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers in Malaysia?
A: They are executed.

William J. Schroeder, the second artificial heart recipient, dies after how long?
A: 620 days.


What is established in Jordan?
A: The Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Desmond Tutu becomes the first what?
A: Black Anglican Church bishop in South Africa.

What TV show premieres in syndication?
A: The Oprah Winfrey Show.

United States District Court Judge Harry E. Claiborne becomes the fifth federal official to be what?
A: Removed from office through impeachment.

The New York Mets defeat what team in 7 games in the World Series?
A: Boston Red Sox.

Democrats regain control of the United States Senate for the first time in how long?
A: 6 years.

Sperry Rand and Burroughs merge to form Unisys, becoming what?
A: The second largest computer company.


Mike Tyson wins his first world boxing title by defeating who?
A: Trevor Berbick in Las Vegas.

Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov is permitted to return to Moscow after what?
A: Six years of internal exile.

Matt Groening creates what?
A: The Simpsons family.

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