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Technology Trivia Questions With Answers

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Technology Trivia Questions With Answers

Alan Roberts' special super glue was used to join what?
A: Wounds.

What was the name of the first home computer to be manufactured?
A: Altair.

What was France's online telecom service called?
A: Minitel.

Which play by Capek introduced the word robot?
A: R.U.R.

How was Trevor Baylis's revolutionary radio powered?
A: Clockwork.

Who developed the Gaia Theory?
A: Sanford.


What does O stand for in the equipment NOSE which imitates the human nose?
A: Olfactory.

Which company sold the first hand-held hair dryers?
A: Racine Universal Motor Company.

Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose's invention the crescograph measures what?
A: Plant movements.

In which islands is Bikini Atoll where the first atomic bombs were tested?
A: Marshall Islands.

What was the codename of the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima?
A: Little Boy.

Edward Salk developed a vaccine against what?
A: Polio.


Which hospital performed the first heart surgery on a baby in its mother's womb?
A: Guy's London.

Adolf Loos was a designer of what?
A: Buildings.

Who was the first Nobel Prize winner to come from Pakistan?
A: Abdus Salam.

What was the first shopping mall o the Internet called?
A: The Branch Mall.

What type of camera did Edwin Land develop?
A: Polaroid.

Leslie Rogge was the first person to be arrested due to what?
A: The Internet.


Who led the team which invented transistors in the 1940s?
A: Shockley.

In 1908 Wilbur Wright traveled what record-breaking number of miles in 2 hours 20 minutes?
A: 77.

Which company manufactured the first electric razor?
A: Schick.

How long did Bleriot's first flight across the English Channel last?
A:43 minutes.

What nationality of plane first broke the 100mph sound barrier?
A: French.

The first air collision took place over which country?
A: Austria.

William Henry Hoover started making vacuum cleaners because his original trade was dying out; what was it?
A: Harness maker.

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