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Trivia Questions About The Rich and Famous

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Trivia Questions About The Rich and Famous

From which year did Martina Navratilova compete officially as an American rather than a Czech player?
A: 1981.

Whose marriage was headlined in Variety as "Egghead weds Hourglass?"
A: Arthur Miller  & Marilyn Monroe.

At whose castle did Elizabeth Taylor spend her 60th birthday?
A: Sleeping Beauty's.

Prince Charles said, "Diana only married me so that she could..." what?
A: Go through red lights.

Who launched her own perfume called White Diamonds?
A: Elizabeth Taylor.

Josie Borain was the partner of which rich and famous person during his difficult divorce settlement?
A: Earl Spencer.

Which island did Athina Roussel inherit as part of her fortune?
A: Skorpios.


What is Jose Carreras' middle name?
A: Maria.

Marlon and Tito were two members of which famous family group?
A: Jackson Five.

What breed of dog was Madonna's Chiquita?
A: Chihuahua.

Whose funeral caused Sam Goldwin to say, "The only reason people showed up was to make sure he was dead?"
A: Louis B Mayer.

Who directed the $100 million-grossing movie Wayne's World?
A: Penelope Spheeris.

Chevy Chase was a professional in which sport?
A: Tennis.

Where did Calvin Klein graduate from in 1962?
A: New York's Fashion Institute of Technology.


Who did Stella McCartney replace as designer at Chloe?
A: Karl Lagerfeld.

Who said, "I'd rather go mad than see a psychiatrist?"
A: Michael Caine.

In which castle did Posh Spice Victoria Adams get married?
A: Luttrellstown Castle.

Who said, "I never really hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back?"
A: Zsa Zsa Gabor.

What did Elvis's widow Priscilla call her child by a different partner?
A: Navarone.

In which year did Andy Warhol die?
A: 1987

Who became Christian Dior's assistant at the age of 17?
A: Yves St. Laurent.


Who designed the jewel-encrusted jacket worth $1 million modeled by Naomi Campbell in 1998?
A: Gai Mattioli.

What type of car was Isadora Duncan test driving when her scarf caught in the wheel spokes and strangled her?
A: Bugatti.

Which wife received an $874 million divorce settlement in 1982?
A: Soraya Khashoggi.

Who was described by New York Magazine as "the first image maker"?
A: Ralph Lauren.

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