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Tennis Sports Questions and Answers

Free tennis trivia quiz questions and answers.


Tennis Sports Questions and Answers

Q: Who beat Evonne Goolagong Cawley in 40 minutes to win a sixth Wimbledon singles title?
A: Billie Jean King.

Q: What did Goran Ivanisevic refrain from doing at Wimbledon in 1994, to win a $2,000 bet?
A: Throwing his racket.

Q: What Nevada-born tennis star had a ball and racquet to stare at above his crib?
A: Andre Agassi.

Q: What gonzo tennis brothers threw autographed potatoes into the crowd at an Idaho match?
A: Luke and Murphy Jensen.

Q: What's Billie Jean King's maiden name?
A: Moffitt.

Q: What tennis player's last name means "she who returns" in Czech?
A: Martina Navratilova's.


Q: What 19-year-old became the youngest man to win the U.S. Open tennis title, in 1990?
A: Pete Sampras.

Q: Who emerged from segregated Virginia courts to win the 1968 U.S. Open tennis title?
A: Arthur Ashe.

Q:  What Grand Slam tennis tournament is held every January?
A: The Australian Open.

Q: Who was the first Russian tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles title, in 1996?
A:  Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

Q:  What Dutchman became, in 1996, the first unseeded player since Boris Becker to win Wimbledon?
A: Richard Krajicek .

Q:  What two players won all the U.S. Open men's singles tennis titles from 1978 through 1984?
A: Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. 


Q: Who was the first American male to win three straight Wimbledon titles?
A: Pete Sampras. 

Q: What tennis star won 129 of 130 matches during one stretch in the 1980s?
A: Martina Navratilova.

Q: Who broke Martina Navratilova's record of 331 weeks at number one?
A: Steffi Graf.

Q: What tennis star says "Express yourself" in camera commercials?
A: Andre Agassi.

Q:  What racketeer was the first female named Athlete of the year by Sports illustrated, in 1972?
A:  Billie Jean King.

Q: What tennis star was born in Montréal, raised in Florida and played for France in the Federation Cup?
A: Mary Pierce.


Q: What 17-year old tennis phenomenon beat Kevin Curren to win his first Wimbledon title?
A: Boris Becker.

Q: What U.S. tennis star's father boxed for the Iranian Olympic team?
A: Andre Agassi's. 

Q: What's the last Grand Slam tennis tournament played in a calendar year?
A: The U.S. Open. 

Q:  What's the common term for the tennis ailment "lateral humeral epicondylitis"?
A:  Tennis elbow.

Q:  What senior golfer explained his respite from cigarettes by quipping:" I could run nine holes, I just couldn't play them:?
A: Chi Chi Rodriguez. 

Q: How many tennis players are needed for a game of Canadian doubles?
A: Three.




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