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Elizabeth Taylor Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth Taylor Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

What was Elizabeth Taylor’s birth name?
A: Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

Where was Elizabeth Taylor born?
A: At Heathwood, her parents' home at 8 Wildwood Road in Hampstead Garden Suburb, a northwestern suburb of London.

Who was her father?
A:  Francis Lenn Taylor.

Who was Elizabeth’s mother?
A: Sara Sothern Sara Viola Warmbrodt.

Taylor had one older brother named what?
A: Howard.

Her parents were originally from where?
A: Arkansas City, Kansas.

What did Elizabeth’s father do?
A: He was an art dealer.


What did Elizabeth’s mother do?
A:  Sara was a former actress whose stage name was "Sara Sothern".

How old was Elizabeth's when she converted to Judaism?
A: 27.

Elizabeth Taylor had what citizenship?
A: She had dual citizenship, British and U.S.

Taylor began taking ballet lessons at what young age?
A: At the age of three.

Taylor appeared in her first motion picture, There's One Born Every Minute (1942), at the age of what?
A: Nine.

MGM cast Elizabeth in what movie in 1943?
A: Lassie Come Home.

In Lassie Come Home, who did she star with?
A: Child-star Roddy McDowall, with whom she would share a lifelong friendship.


The movie received favorable attention and MGM signed Taylor to a what?
A: Conventional seven-year contract, starting at $100 a week with regular raises.

The role of Velvet Brown in MGM's National Velvet made Taylor a star at the age of what?
A: 12.

Taylor’s character was a young girl?
A: Training her horse to win the Grand National.

Velvet, which co-starred fellow young actor Mickey Rooney and English newcomer Angela Lansbury, became a “what” upon its release in December 1944?
A: A great success.

Many years later, what did Taylor say about the film?
A:  "the most exciting film" she had ever made.

The movie caused many of her later back problems due to what?
A: Her falling off a horse during filming.

How much money did National Velvet gross?
A:  Over US$4 million


Because of the National Velvet’s success she was cast in what other animal film?
A:  Courage of Lassie (1946).

The film's success led to yet another contract for Taylor paying her how much?
A: $750 per week.

Elizabeth’s portrayal of Amy in the film Little Women was her last what?
A: Adolescent role.

The teenage Taylor was reluctant to what?
A: Continue making films.

What was Taylor's first picture under her new salary of $2,000 per week?
A: The Big Hangover(1950).

Her first box office success in an adult role came playing what role?
A:  Kay Banks in the comedy Father of the Bride (1950).

Who did she star with in the movie “Father of the Bride”?
A:  Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett.


In late 1949, Taylor had begun filming what George Stevens' movie?
A: A Place in the Sun.

Upon its release in 1951, Taylor was hailed for her performance as whom?
A:  Angela Vickers, a spoiled socialite.

Taylor became increasingly unsatisfied with what?
A: The roles being offered to her at the time.

Elizabeth was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress four years in a row for what four movies?
A: Raintree County, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Suddenly Last Summer, and Butterfield 8.

Suddenly, Last Summer's success placed Taylor among the box-office what?
A: Top-ten, and she remained there almost every year for the next decade.

Elizabeth Taylor became the highest-paid actor in Hollywood when she signed a $1 million contract to star in what film?
A: 20th Century Fox's lavish production of Cleopatra.

During the filming, Taylor began a romance with Richard Burton, who played what role in the film?
A: Mark Antony.

The romance received much attention from the tabloid press, since they were both what?
A: Married to other spouses at the time.

How much money did Elizabeth Taylor ultimately get for her role?
A: $7 million.

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