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Star Trek Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about the first star trek movie.


Star Trek Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

What is Star Trek the movie?
A:  Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a 1979 American science fiction film released by Paramount Pictures.

It is the first film based on the 19661969 Star Trek television series.

The film is set in what century?
A: The twenty-third century.

In the movie, a mysterious and immensely powerful alien cloud called V'Ger approaches Earth doing what?
A: Destroying everything in its path.

Admiral James T. Kirk  assumes command of his what?
A: His previous starship, the recently refitted USS Enterprise.

He is to lead it on a mission to do what?
A: Save the planet and determine V '​Ger '​s origins.

When the original television series was cancelled in 1969, what did Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry do?
A: He lobbied Paramount to continue the franchise through a film.

The success of the series in syndication convinced the studio to begin work on a feature film in what year?
A: 1975.


A series of writers attempted to craft a suitably epic script, but the attempts did not what?
A: Satisfy Paramount.

What did the studio do then?
A: They scrapped the project in 1977.

Paramount instead planned on returning the franchise to its roots with a new what?
A:  Television series, Star Trek: Phase II.

The box office success of Close Encounters of the Third Kind convinced Paramount of what?
A: That science fiction films other than Star Wars could do well at the box office.

What did the studio do next?
A: They cancelled production of Phase II and resumed its attempts at making a Star Trek film.

In 1978, Paramount assembled the largest press conference held at the studio since the 1950s to announce what?
A: That double Academy Award–winning director Robert Wise would direct a $15 million film adaptation of the television series.

With the cancellation of Phase II, writers rushed to adapt its planned pilot episode, "In Thy Image", into what?
A: A film script.


The Enterprise was what?
A: Modified inside and out.

Costume designer Robert Fletcher provided new what?
A: Uniforms.

What production designer fabricated new sets?
A: Harold Michelson.

 Who composed the score, beginning an association with Star Trek that would continue until 2002?
A: Jerry Goldsmith.

When was the movie released in North America?
A: On December 7, 1979.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture received mixed reviews from critics, many of whom faulted the film for its what?
A: Lack of action and over-reliance on special effects.

The final production cost ballooned to approximately how much money?
A:  $46 million.


How much did the film earn worldwide?
A: $139 million.

Falling short of studio expectations but enough for what?
A: For Paramount to propose a cheaper sequel.

Roddenberry was forced out of what?
A: Creative control for The Wrath of Khan.

In 2273, a Starfleet monitoring station, Epsilon Nine, detects an alien force, hidden in a what?
A: Massive cloud of energy, moving through space towards Earth.

What does the cloud destroy en route?
A: Three of the Klingon Empire's new K't'inga-class warships and the monitoring station.

On Earth, the starship Enterprise is undergoing a major what?
A: Refit.

Her former commanding officer, James T. Kirk, has been promoted to what?
A: Admiral and works in San Francisco as Chief of Starfleet Operations.


Starfleet dispatches Enterprise to do what?
A: Investigate the cloud entity as the ship is the only one in intercept range.

This requires her new systems to be what?>
A: Tested in transit.

Kirk takes command of the ship citing his experience, angering who?
A: Captain Willard Decker, who had been overseeing the refit as its new commanding officer.

Testing of Enterprise '​s new systems goes how?
A: Poorly; two officers, including the science officer, are killed by a malfunctioning transporter, and improperly calibrated engines almost destroy the ship.

The tension between Captain Kirk and his first officer, Commander Decker, increases when the captain demonstrates what?
A: His unfamiliarity with the new systems of the Enterprise.

Commander Spock arrives as a what?
A: A replacement science officer.

Spock explains that while on his home world undergoing a ritual to purge all emotion, he felt what?
A: A consciousness that he believes emanates from the cloud.

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