Name Trivia Questions

Free fun name trivia quiz questions with the answers.


Name Trivia Questions

What are the two most often chosen names for U.S. schools sports teams?
A: Eagles and Tigers.

The game Gossima was originally called what?
A: Table Tennis.

Victoria was not Queen Victoria's first name, what was it?
A: Alexandrina.

The girls name Donna means what?
A:  Lady - From Latin.

Quercus is Latin for what tree?
A:  Oak.


Erica is Latin for what shrub?
A:  Heather.

Schubert's fourth symphony is nicknamed the what?
A:  Tragic.

Nelson Mandela's middle name is what?
A:  Rolihlahla.

Mapother IV is the real surname of which action film star?
A: Tom Cruise.

Amanda means what?
A:  Worthy of love.

What does Zoe mean?
A: Life.


Gregory is from the Greek meaning what?
A:  Watchman.

Paris born Philippe Pages is better known as who?
A:  Richard Clayderman.

Introduced in 1964, who is Barbie's sister?
A:  Skipper.

What does Paul mean?
A:  Small - from Latin.

Who is the Toys R Us Giraffe?
A:  Geoffrey.

Adobe is from Arabic for?
A: Brick.

Hibernia was what the Romans called what country?
A:  Ireland.

Marilyn Louis, born 1922, changed her name to what star of 40s?
A:  Rhonda Fleming.