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Tom Cruise Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Tom Cruise trivia quiz questions with answers.


Tom Cruise Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What is Tom Cruise's birth name?
A: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.

On what date was Tom Cruise born?
A: July 3, 1962.

Where was Tom Cruise born?
A: Syracuse, New York, United States

What is Tom Cruise's religion?
A: Scientology

How many Academy Awards has Tom Cruise been nominated for?
A: Three.

How many Golden Globe Awards has Cruise won?
A: Three.

At age 19,  Tom began his acting career in what 1981 movie?
A:  Endless Love.


Tom played a supporting roles in what 1981 film?
A: Taps.

Cruise played a supporting role in what 1983 movie?
A:  The Outsiders.

In what movie was his first leading role?
A: Risky Business, released in August 1983.

Tom Cruise became a movie star after his role as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in what block buster movie?
A: Top Gun.

 Tom is well known for his role as what secret agent in the Mission: Impossible film series?
A: Ethan Hunt.

Tom is well known for his support for what church?
A:  Church of Scientology.

Who was Tom Cruise's mother?
A: Mary Lee Pfeiffer, a special education teacher.


Who was Tom's father?
A: Thomas Cruise Mapother III, an electrical engineer.

How many sisters does Tom have?
A: Three.

What are Tom Cruise's sister's names?
A: Lee Anne, Marian, and Cass.

Of what ancestry is Tom Cruise?
A: Irish, German, and English.

Tom was raised in near poverty, and had what type of religious upbringing?
A:  Catholic.

 How does Cruise describe his father?
A:  "a merchant of chaos."

Tom was beaten by his dad, who Cruise has said was a what?
A: A bully and coward.


Cruise's family spent part of his childhood in what country?
A:  Canada.

Why did the Cruise family move to the Ottawa in late 1971?
A: So that Cruise's father could take a position as a defense consultant with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Cruise attended what school for much of grade four and grade five?
A: Robert Hopkins Public School.

In the fourth grade, Cruise became involved in what?
A: Drama, under the tutelage of George Steinburg.

Cruise enjoyed sports at the school including playing what?
A: Floor hockey.

For the sixth grade, Cruise went to what middle school?

A: Henry Munro Middle School.

What did Tom's father die of?
A: Cancer.

For a short time Cruise attended a "what" on a church scholarship?
A: Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati.


When Tom was a senior he played football for the varsity team in what position?
A: Linebacker.

Tom was cut from the squad when he got caught doing what?
A: Drinking beer before a game.

How many schools did Tom attend in 14 years, including stints in at least two suburban New Jersey towns, including Glen Ridge?
A: 15.

Tom followed up Top Gun with what movie that came out the same year?
A: The Color of Money.

In 1988 Tom starred in what movie that earned him a nomination for the Razzie Award for Worst Actor?
A: Cocktail.

Tom Cruise starred with Dustin Hoffman in what Academy award winning movie?
A: Rain Man.

Cruise portrayed what real-life paralyzed Vietnam War veteran in  "Born on the Fourth of July"?
A: Ron Kovic.


Tom's role as Ron Kovic earned him a Golden Globe Award for what?
A: Best Actor.

The film "Born on the Fourth of July" got Cruise his first Best Actor Academy Award nomination.

In 1994, Cruise starred along with Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and Christian Slater in what movie?
A: Interview with the Vampire.

In 1996, Cruise played the title role in Jerry Maguire, for which he earned what?
A: A Golden Globe and his second nomination for an Academy Award.

Cruise costarred with Nichole Kidman in what erotic film?
A: Eyes Wide Shut.

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