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Religious Trivia Quiz With Answers

Religious trivia quiz questions complete with the answers


Religion Trivia Quiz With Answers

Who is the Patron Saint of grocers?
A:  Saint Michael

What is the name of the four holy books of the Hindus?
A:  The Vedas

The paraclete is another name for what, in the Christian faith?
A:  The Holy Spirit

In the Hindu religion what is a Temple called?
A: Mandir

Who is the Patron Saint of desperation?
A:  St Jude


The sacred language of Buddhists in India is called what?
A: Pali

Satori is a term used in what religion?
A:  Zen Buddhism

Ninkasi was the Egyptian goddess of what?
A:  Beer

Who is the Patron Saint of Gout?>
A:  Saint Andrew

The Black Pope is the head of which organization?
A:  The Jesuits


Who was the last Roman Catholic King of England?
A:  James II

In the Hindu religion, Batavia is an incarnation of Vishnu in the form of what?
A:  Fish

What building do they elect a new Pope in?
A:  Sistine Chapel

In what language was  the New Testament originally written?
A: Greek

What important Bible event occurred at Bethany?
A:  The Raising of Lazarus


Pope John Paul II played on the Polish national team in what sport?
A:  Rugby

Trappist monks are famous for their what?
A: Silence

Who is the Patron Saint of Artists?
A:  St Luke

Which Saint is associated with an eagle in religious art?
A:  Saint John

What did Middle ages Monks eat when denied meat on fast days?
A: Rabbit Foetuses – Claimed they were eggs.