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William McKinley Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz questions about William McKinley.


William McKinley Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Who was the 25th President of the United States?
A: William McKinley.

During what period was William McKinley in office?
A: March 4, 1897 – September 14, 1901

Who was President McKinley’s Vice President?
A: Garret Hobart.(1897–1899), None (1899–1901), Theodore Roosevelt (1901)

Who preceded McKinley as president?
A: Grover Cleveland

Who was President McKinley succeeded by?
A: Theodore Roosevelt.

McKinley was the last president to have served in the what?
A: American Civil War, beginning as a private in the Union Army and ending as a brevet major.

On what date was William Mckinley assinated?
A: September 14, 1901.


William McKinley served from March 4, 1897, until his assassination on September 14, 1901, how long into his second term?
A: Six months.

McKinley led the nation to victory in what war?
A:  Spanish–American War.

He raised protective tariffs to promote American industry, and maintained the nation on the what?
A: Gold standard in a rejection of inflationary proposals.

Where was William McKinley, Jr. born?
A: In Niles, Ohio

In what year was McKinley, Jr. born?
A:  In 1843.

McKinley was the seventh child of whom?
A:  William and Nancy  Allison McKinley.

McKinley was a lifelong pious what?
A:  Methodist.


In 1852, why did the family move from Niles to Poland?
A: So that their children could attend the better school there.

Graduating in 1859, where did he enrolled the following year?
A: At Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Who was McKinley's mentor during the Civil War and afterward?
A: Rutherford B. Hayes.

After the war, where did McKinley settle?
A: In Canton, Ohio, where he practiced law.

In 1876, McKinley was elected to Congress, where he became the Republican Party’s expert on what?
A: The protective tariff, which he promised would bring prosperity.

McKinley was elected Ohio’s governor in what two years?
A:  1891 and 1893.

With help from his close adviser Mark Hanna, what did he secure?
A: The Republican nomination for president in 1896.


He defeated what Democratic rival after a front-porch campaign in which he promised that high tariffs would restore prosperity?
A: William Jennings Bryan.

McKinley promoted the what 1897 Tariff to protect manufacturers and factory workers from foreign competition?
A: The Dingley Tariff.

In 1900, he secured the passage of what act?
A: The Gold Standard Act.

McKinley led the nation in the Spanish–American War of 1898, and the U.S. victory was what?
A: Quick and decisive.

As part of the peace settlement, Spain turned over to the United States which colonies?
A: Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.

In July 1861, McKinley and his cousin William McKinley Osbourne enlisted as privates in the newly formed what?
A: Poland Guards.

The men left for Columbus where they were consolidated with other small units to form what?
A: The 23rd Ohio Infantry.


Who did McKinley cast his first presidential ballot for?
A: The incumbent Republican, Abraham Lincoln.

Just before the war ended, McKinley received his final what?
A: Promotion, a brevet commission as major.

After the war ended McKinley decided on a career in what?
A: The law and began studying in the office of an attorney in Poland, Ohio.

When was McKinley admitted to the bar?
A: In March 1867.

McKinley married who on January 25, 1871, in the newly built First Presbyterian Church of Canton?
A: Ida Saxton.

McKinley and Ida’s first child, Katherine, was born when?
A: On Christmas Day 1871.

In 1875, Katherine died of what?
A: Typhoid fever.

Ida McKinley developed epilepsy and thereafter disliked her husband doing what?
A: Leaving her side.

He remained a devoted husband and did what the rest of his life?
A: Tended to his wife’s medical and emotional needs.

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