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Sitcom Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers for Seniors

Trivia quiz with answers about old TV sitcoms - Great for Seniors!


TV Sitcom Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers Great For Seniors

Who was the only member of M*A*S*H to have served in the Korean War?
A: Jamie Farr (Klinger).

Which Seinfeld star was the voice of Hugo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
A: Jason Alexander.

Which famous person appeared in an episode of Major Dad that marked the Marine Corp' 215th anniversary?
A: Dan Quayle.

Which show was originally called These Friends of Mine?
A: Ellen.

What was the name of the Clampetts' banker in The Beverly Hillbillies?
A: Milburn Drysdale.

Which sitcom was based on a show called Love American Style?
A: Happy Days.

Which planet featured on Out Of This World?
A: Anterias.


Who was creator and executive producer of Murphy Brown?
A: Diane English.

Who played Debbie's brother-in-law in The Debbie Reynolds Show?
A: Tom Bosley

Who produced The Phi Slivers Show?
A: Nat Hiken.

Other than Lurch, who did Ted Cassidy play in The Adams Family?
A: Thing (the Hand).

Detectives Al Burkhardt and Sandy Galloway were in which sitcom?
A: Pacific Station.

What was the name of the army camp on The Phil Silvers Show?
A:  Fort Baxter.

Which tragic actress appeared in The Beverly Hillbillies as bank secretary Janet Treago?
A: "Sharon Tate.


In real life what was the relationship between Cheer's Claire Huxtable and Lydia Grant in Fame?
A: Sisters.

What was Laverne & Shirley's address?
A: 730 Hampton Street.

What was the final episode of M*A*S*H called?
A: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.

What were the dads called in My Two Dads?
A: Michael Taylor & Joey Harris.

What was Ted Danson's profession when he guested in Taxi?
A: Hairdresser.

Who won an Emmy for his role as a marriage counselor in Cheers?
A: John Cleese.


How many Emmys did The Mary Tyler Moore Show win?
A: A record-breaking 29.

Who was the star of My Mother The Car?
A: Jerry Van Dyke.

How many episodes of Happy Days were made?
A: 255

The setting of Laverne & Shirley was during the government of which President?
A: Eisenhower.

On which cable channel was Dream On first shown?

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