Trivia Questions With Answers About The State of North Carolina

Trivia questions about North Carolina with over 50 easy and hard questions.


North Carolina Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What states border North Carolina to the south?
A: South Carolina and Georgia.

What are the North Carolina State colors?
A: The red and blue of the N.C. and U.S. flags.

Who or what was the city of Raleigh named for?
A:  Sir Walter Raleigh.

Which U.S. State borders North Carolina to the west?
A: Tennessee.

What is the North Carolina State sport?

North Carolina is bordered to the north by what state?
A:  Virginia.

 What is the North Carolina State folk dance?
A:  Clogging.


What is the North Carolina State flower?
A: Dogwood.

What borders North Carolina to the east?
A: The Atlantic Ocean.

Where does North Carolina rank among the states in population?
A:  It's the 10th most populous state.

What is the North Carolina State carnivorous plant?
A:  Venus Flytrap.

How many counties does North Carolina have?
A:  100.

North Carolina was the last of the Confederate states to do what in regards to the Union?
A: Declare secession from the Union.

What is North Carolina's capital city?
A:  Raleigh.


What is the North Carolina State mammal?
A: Eastern Gray Squirrel.

What is North Carolina's largest city?
A:  Charlotte.

What is North Carolina's highest point in elevation?
A:  Mount Mitchell at 6,684 feet.

What is the North Carolina State gemstone?
A:  Emerald.

The climate of North Carolina's coastal plains is strongly influenced by what body of water?
A:  Atlantic Ocean.

How many North Carolinians served in the military during the Civil War?
A: About 125,000.

What are the names of North Carolina's two sounds, the largest landlocked sounds in the United States?
A: Albemarle Sound and Pamlico Sound.


What is the North Carolina State rock?
A:  Granite.

 How many ships have been lost off the coast around Cape Hatteras which is known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic"?
A: More than 1,000 since 1526.

The western section of North Carolina is part of what mountain range?
A: Appalachian Mountain range.

What is the North Carolina State reptile?
A:  Eastern Box Turtle.

How many major river basins does North Carolina have?
A:  17.

What is the North Carolina State shell?
A:  Scotch bonnet.

During the Civil War, how many troops from North Carolina were killed in battle?
A: 20,000, the most of any state in the Confederacy.


Where do the river  basins west of the Blue Ridge Mountains flow to ?
A: The Gulf of Mexico.

How many of the 17 basins are contained entirely within the state's border s?
A: Four.

What is the North Carolina State bird?
A:  Cardinal

What river  is the widest river in the United States at its mouth?
A:  Neuse.

On the average, how often does a hurricane hit North Carolina?
A:  About once a decade.

What was the strongest storm to make landfall in North Carolina as a Category 4 in 1954?
A: Hurricane Hazel.

What was the most damaging storm of the 21st century?
A: Hurricane Isabel .


What is the North Carolina State beverage?
A:  Milk.

How often do Tropical storms strike North Carolina?
A: Every 3 or 4 years.

What is the North Carolina State tree?
A:  Longleaf Pine.

Only what two states are struck by hurricanes more often than North Carolina?
A: Florida and Louisiana.

On average, North Carolina has about how many days of thunderstorm activity per annum?
A: 50.

How many tornadoes does North Carolina experience on averages per annum?
A:  Less than 20.

What is the North Carolina State vegetable?
A:  Sweet potato.


The worst tornado outbreak in the state's history occurred in April 2011, when 30 confirmed tornadoes touched down,  killing how many people?
A: At least 24.

During Colonial times, what town was the state capital, beginning in 1722?
A: Edenton.

In 1788 what city was picked to be the new capital because as its location gave it some protection from attack?
A: Raleigh.

What is the North Carolina State red berry?
A:  Strawberry.

How many troops from North Carolina died from disease during the war?
A: 21,000.

North Carolina  was where the first successful flight was executed by what pair of brothers, near Kitty Hawk on December 17, 1903?
A: Wright Brothers.

In the 1700s, a series of epidemics swept the South and a 1738 epidemic was said to have killed half of the Cherokee Indians.  What type of epidemics were they?
A: Smallpox.


Most of the English colonists were indentured servants, who hired themselves out as laborers to pay for their what?
A: Passage to America.

In the early years some Africans could earn their freedom before slavery became what?
A: A lifelong status.

What is the North Carolina State wildflower:?
A:  Carolina Lily.

North Carolina's economy  was based on slave labor for the production of what?
A: Tobacco.

A major American victory in the war took place when a force of 1000 mountain men from western North Carolina overwhelmed a force of some 1000 British troops led by who?
A:  Major Patrick Ferguson.

In 1795, North Carolina opened the first public "what"  in the United States?
A: University, the University of North Carolina.

What is the North Carolina State song?
A: "The Old North State".