Louisiana Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

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Louisiana Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Its largest city is New Orleans. What is the capital of Louisiana?
A:  Baton Rouge.

What is the highest elevation in Louisiana?
A: Driskill Mountain, at 535 feet above sea level.

Louisiana, instead of having counties, the state's  political subdivisions are called what?
A: Parishes.

What was the name of the hurricane that hit the Louisiana Gulf Coast on October 5, 2013?
A: Karen.

Louisiana ranks where in petroleum production?
A: Fourth.

What is Louisiana's largest parish by population?
A: East Baton Rouge Parish.

After hurricane Katrina, the majority of the population of New Orleans became what?
A: Homeless.


The states youngest parts formed during the last how many years?
A: 7,500.

What is the state's largest parish by land area is what?
A:  Cameron Parish.

A great deal of Louisiana's land was formed from sediment that got washed down which river?
A: The Mississippi.

Louisiana is frequently hit by tropical cyclones and is quite vulnerable to what?
A:  Major hurricanes.

What was the name of the hurricane that struck southwestern Louisiana on September 24, 2005?
A: Rita.

The coldest temperature recorded in the state was what?
A:  −16 °F at Minden on February 13, 1899.

Before the American purchase of the territory in 1803, What is now the State of Louisiana previously was a Spanish colony and a what?
A:  French colony.


Louisiana was the first site in the world where petroleum drilling was done where?
A: Over water.

In 1915, what did Louisiana do with regards to the English language?
A:  Made it the only official language of the state.

Louisiana  has more what than any other southern state?
A: Native American tribes.

August 1992, a hurricane struck south-central Louisiana killing four people and knocking out power to how many people?
A: Nearly 150,000.

Who or what was the state of Louisiana named after?
A:  Louis XIV, King of France.

When René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle claimed the territory for France, he called it La Louisiane, meaning what?
A: "Land of Louis".

The oldest rocks in Louisiana date back to the early Tertiary Era, about how many years ago?
A: 60 million.


The hurricane named Betsy that hit Louisiana, on  September 9, 1965, was the first hurricane in history to cause  how much damage in dollars?
A: One billion.

The origin of Louisiana's salt domes can be traced back when the shallow ocean had what?
A: High rates of evaporation.

There are several hundred salt domes in the state; one of the most familiar is Avery Island is one of the more familiar salt domes, which are important as a source of salt and they serve as underground what?
A:  Traps for oil and gas.

Louisiana's southern coast is among the fastest-disappearing areas in the world due largely from human mismanagement of the what?
A:  Coast.

In Louisiana what is a frequent weather event common throughout the year?
A: Rain.

The highest temperature recorded in the state is what?
A:  114 °F in Plain Dealing on August 10, 1936.

In the summer Louisiana is prone to frequent  what?
A:  Thunderstorms.


How many days of thunderstorms are there per annum in Louisiana on averages ?
A: over 60.

On what date did hurricane Isaac hit southeast Louisiana?
A: August 28–29, 2012.

On August 29, 2005, hurricane Katrina hit southeastern Louisiana, where it caused 80% of what city to flood?
A:  New Orleans.

The Watson Brake mound site near present-day Monroe is what?
A:  11-mound complex built by Indians.

In 1528 a Spanish expedition led by Panfilo de Narváez located the what?
A: The mouth of the Mississippi River.

French and French Canadian expeditions  in the 17th century  established a foothold on the what?
A: Mississippi River and Gulf Coast.

In what year did France make New Orleans the seat of civilian and military authority?
A: In 1722.


By 1840 New Orleans had become one of the wealthiest cities and the third what?
A: 3rd largest city in the country.

According to the 1860 census, what percentage of the population were slaves?
A: Nearly 47%.

During some of the Great Depression, Louisiana was led by Governor Huey Long who's rule ended abruptly when he was what?
A: Assassinated in the state capitol in 1935.

In August 2005, New Orleans and many other parts of the state were hit by the  massive hurricane Katrina which caused widespread damage due to what?
A: Breaching of levees and flooding.

Louisiana is the world's biggest producer of what?
A: Crawfish.

Which Louisiana port  between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, on the Mississippi, is the largest volume shipping port in the Western Hemisphere and 4th largest in the world?
A: The Port of South Louisiana.

About how many Louisiana residents does the oil industry employ?
A: 58,000.

What percentage of the total US natural gas reserves are in Louisiana?
A: 5%.

The Louisiana State Capitol is  located in Baton Rouge where the capital was moved to from where in 1849?
A: New Orleans.

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