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1936 Trivia Quiz Questions about the year 1936

Trivia quiz questions about things that happened in the year 1936.


1936 World Trivia Quiz Questions

England celebrates its first ever win over what team?
A: The All Blacks.

I Wanna Play House marks the first Warner Bros. cartoon with what?
A: "target" titles.

The first building to be completely covered in "what" is completed in Toledo, Ohio, for the Owens-Illinois Glass Company?
A: Glass.

What Serial killer is executed in Sing Sing Prison?
A: Albert Fish.

King George V of the United Kingdom dies, and who succeeds to the throne, becoming Edward VIII.?
A: His eldest son.  

In January, what radio show debuts?
A: The Green Hornet.

Radium E (bismuth-210) becomes the first radioactive element to be what?
A: Made synthetically.


Where do the IV Olympic Winter Games open?
A: In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

The first superhero to wear a skin-tight costume and mask, The Phantom, makes his first appearance in what?
A: U.S. newspapers.

Construction of Hoover Dam is what?
A: Completed.

How is Richard Hauptmann, convicted of the Lindbergh kidnapping and murder in 1932, executed?
A: By electrocution in New Jersey State Prison.

Peter and the Wolf, a Russian fairy tale of Sergei Prokofiev's composition, debuts where?
A: At the Nezlobin Theater in Moscow, Soviet Union.

The Santa Fe railroad in the United States inaugurates the what?
A:  The all-Pullman Super Chief passenger train between Chicago and Los Angeles.

The first flight by what airline takes place?
A: The Irish airline Aer Lingus.


What British luxury liner leaves Southampton on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic?
A: RMS Queen Mary.

Who submits his paper "On Computable Numbers" to the London Mathematical Society for publication, introducing the concept of the "Turing machine"?
A: Alan Turing.

A major "what" strikes North America?
A: Heat wave. High temperature records are set and thousands die.

What Margaret Mitchell romance novel is first published in the United States?
A: Gone with the Wind.

Who knocks out Joe Louis in the 12th round of their heavyweight boxing match at Yankee Stadium in New York City?
A: Max Schmeling.

Where are the 1936 Summer Olympics held?
A: In Berlin, Germany.

The 1936 Summer Olympics mark the first live what?
A: Television coverage of a sports event in world history.


African-American athlete Jesse Owens wins the "what" at the Berlin Olympics?
A: 100-meter dash.

Who was hanged in Owensboro, Kentucky, in the last public execution in the United States?
A: Rainey Bethea.

In the 1936 Summer Olympics, what does the United States men's national basketball team win?
A: The first Olympic basketball tournament in the final game over Canada, 19–8.

President Roosevelt attends the dedication of whose head at Mount Rushmore?
A: Thomas Jefferson's.

What English-born aviatrix becomes the first woman to make an East-to-West solo transatlantic flight, from Abingdon-on-Thames, England, to Baleine, Nova Scotia?
A: Beryl Markham.

Start of Joseph Stalin's what?
A: Great Purge in the Soviet Union.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is reelected to a second term in a landslide victory over whom?
A:  Kansas Governor Alf Landon.


In California what opens to traffic?
A: The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge.

The first edition of what magazine is published?
A: Life.

Hitler mandates that all German boys aged 10 to 18 do what?
A: Join the Hitler Youth paramilitary organization.

What radio station is officially founded in New York City?

Release of the film Natalka Poltavka in Ukraine, the first filmed what?
A: Russian opera.

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