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NFL Football Trivia Quiz Questions

Free NFL trivia about football topics like super bowls, coaches, players, Lomabardi, 49ers, Cowboys, Dolphins, Jimmy Johnson, and more!

NFL Football Trivia Quiz Questions

Q: What Native American was the NFL's first president?
A:  Jim Thorpe.

Q: What color flags did NFL officials begin throwing after abandoning white ones in 1965?
A: Gold.

Q: What NFL footballer is one of Brigham Young's many great-great-great grandsons?
A: Steve Young.

Q:  How many football teams from the troubled Southwest Conference defected to the Big Eight?
A: Four.

Q: What Chicago Bears great ran six kickoffs back for touchdowns over seven seasons?
A:  Gale Sayers.

Q: Who threw a record six touchdown passes in one Super Bowl, in 1995?
A: Steve Young.


Q: Who became the NFL's all-time touchdown leader in 1994?
A: Jerry Rice

Q: What football defensive position is dubbed a "rover" or "monster"?
A: Safety.

Q:  What letter begins the moniker of the most AFC football teams?
A: B

Q: What position was played by NFL footballers Alan, Joaquin, Luis, Max and Tony Zedejas?
A:  Kicker.

Q:  What NFL team was second to the 49ers in wins during the 1980s?
A: The Washington Redskins. 

Q:  What NFL team was the first to win the Vince Lombardi trophy five times?
A: The San Francisco 49ers. 


Q: What NFL team won the most games in the 1960s?
A: The Green Bay Packers

Q: Who was the second head coach in the history of the Dallas Cowboys?
A: Jimmy Johnson.

Q: What Buffalo star rushed for 13,19, and 37 yards in Super Bowls XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII?
A: Thurman Thomas.

Q: What Dallas Cowboys running back was dubbed "Little Big Man"?
A: Tony Dorsett.

Q:  What footballer, after running 64 yards in the wrong direction, was re-oriented by teammate Benny Lom?
A: Roy "Wrong Way" Riegels.

Q: What Chicago Bears Coach learned you could break your hand by putting a fist through a metal locker?
A:  Mike Ditka.


Q: What team was led to Super Bowls VII, and VIII by their "no-name defense"?
A: The Miami Dolphins.

Q: What Division 1-A coach took teams to a record 29 bowl games?
A: Bear Bryant 

Q: What quarterback spent 46 days in 1996 at the Menninger Clinic to kick an addiction to the pain killer Vicodin?
A:  Brett Farve.

Q:  What West Coast NFL team still sports the motto: "Commitment to Excellence"?
A: The Oakland Raiders

Q:  What Dallas star was the NFL's tallest player during the 1980s, at six-foot-nine?
A:  Ed "Too Tall" Jones.

Q: What did Dolphins receiver Mark Duper legally change his name to in 1985?
A: Mark Super Duper.


Q: What Big Eight football team's fans cheer for the Cyclones?
A: Iowa State's 

Q: What NFL team won the most games in the 1970s?
A: The Dallas Cowboys.

Q: How many Super Bowl MVP awards does Terry Bradshaw have? 
A: Two.

Q: What city was known to NFL fans as Titletown, USA in the 1960s?
A: Green Bay.

Q: What future NFL quarterback wore sunglasses for his 1977 Utah high school yearbook photo?
A: Jim McMahon.

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