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Oakland Raiders Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Trivia questions with answers about the Oakland Raiders NFL football team.


Oakland Raiders Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What are the Oakland Raiders?
A: The Oakland Raiders are a professional American football franchise based in Oakland, California.

The Raiders began play in what year as a member of the American Football League (AFL)?
A: 1960.

The Raiders have been members of the National Football League (NFL) since when?
A: The 1970 AFL–NFL merger.

As of the 2014 season, the Raiders belong to what division of the American Football Conference?
A: The West division.

Over the span of fifty-four seasons, the Raiders have experienced what?
A: Considerable success.

Entering the 2014 season the Raiders have an all-time regular season record of what?
A:  434–375–11, with a playoff record of 25–18.

In the club's first three seasons (1960–1962), the team struggled where?
A: Both on and off the field.


In 1963, the Raiders appointed whom to the position of head coach?
A: Eventual owner/general manager Al Davis.

Under Davis' guidance, the team's fortunes did what?
A: Improved dramatically.

The Raiders reached the postseason for the first time in what year?
A: 1967.

They won their first, and only, AFL title that year by beating what team?
A: Houston Oilers in the Championship Game.

The Raiders were defeated by the Green Bay Packers in what game?
A: Super Bowl II.

The Raiders' run of success grew during the 1970s, during which time, they won how many division titles?
A: Six.

They also played in how many AFC championship games?
A: Six.


In 1976, the team captured its first championship by defeating what team in Super Bowl XI?
A: Minnesota Vikings.

In 1980, the Raiders unexpectedly won a second championship by defeating what team in Super Bowl XV?
A: Philadelphia Eagles.

They were the first NFL team to have ever done so as what?
A: The wild card team in the playoffs.

Two years later, the franchise relocated to where?
A: Los Angeles.

In 1983 they defeated what team in Super Bowl XVIII to capture a third championship?
A: The Washington Redskins.

The Raiders' fortunes declined considerably following the 1985 season, winning just one division title (1990) and two playoff games over their what?
A: Final nine seasons in Los Angeles.

What happened to the team in 1995?
A: They returned to Oakland.


In the early 2000s, the Raiders experienced a massive but brief what?
A: Resurgence.

Their renaissance culminated with a 2002 loss to what team in Super Bowl XXXVII?
A: Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While the Raiders' fortunes somewhat improved in 2010 and 2011, they have not reached the playoffs in how many seasons?
A: 11.

On February 9, 1960, after previously rejecting offers from the NFL's Washington Redskins and the AFL's Los Angeles Chargers, who accepted the Oakland Raiders head coaching position?
A: San Francisco native Eddie Erdelatz.

In January 1960, the Raiders, were the last team of eight in the new American Football League to what?
A: Select players, thus relegated to the remaining talent available.

The 1960 Raiders 42-man roster included 28 rookies and only how many veterans?
A: 14.

In their 1960 debut year under Erdelatz the Raiders finished their first campaign with what record?
A: A 6–8 record.

Off the field, Erdelatz had numerous conflicts with the team's front office while he what?
A: Battled an ulcer.

Ownership conflicts prevented the team from doing what?
A: Signing any top draft picks the next season.

On September 18, 1961 Erdelatz was dismissed after being outscored by how much in the first two games of the Raiders 1961 season?
A: 99–0.

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