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Washington Wizards Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about the Wizards basketball team.


Washington Wizards Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Who are the Washington Wizards?
A: The Washington Wizards are an American professional basketball team based in Washington, D.C..

What did the Wizards began playing as?
A: The Chicago Packers.

When did that happen?
A: In 1961, as the first modern expansion team in NBA history.

After only one year, they changed their name to what?
A: The Chicago Zephyrs.

In 1963 the franchise moved to where?
A: Baltimore, Maryland.

What did they become?
A: The Baltimore Bullets, taking their name from a 1940s–'50s Baltimore Bullets BAA/NBA franchise.

Where did they play their home games?
A: At the Baltimore Civic Center.


In their first year in Baltimore, the Bullets finished where?
A: Fourth in a five–team Western Division.

Prior to the 1964–65 NBA season the Bullets pulled off a blockbuster trade, sending Terry Dischinger, Rod Thorn and Don Kojis to the Detroit Pistons for whom?
A: Bailey Howell, Don Ohl, Bob Ferry and Wali Jones.

Howell proved to be a hustling, fundamentally sound player who helped the Bullets what?
A: Get into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

In the 1965 NBA Playoffs, the Bullets stunned what team 3–1, and advanced to the Western Conference finals?
A: The St. Louis Hawks.

In the finals, Baltimore managed to split the first four games with the Los Angeles Lakers before what?
A: Losing the series 4–2.

In the late 1960s, the Bullets drafted what two future Hall of Fame members?
A: Earl Monroe, in the 1967 draft, number two overall, and Wes Unseld, in the 1968 draft, number two overall.

The team improved dramatically, from 36 wins the previous season to how many in the 1968–69 season?
A: 57.


Unseld received both the rookie of the year award and the what?
A: The MVP award.

The Bullets reached the playoffs with high expectations to go far, but they were eliminated by what team in the first round?
A: The New York Knicks.

The next season the two teams met again in the first round, and what happened?
A: Although this one went to seven games, the Knicks emerged victorious again.

In the 1970–71 season, the 42–40 Bullets again met the Knicks, this time where?
A: In the Eastern Conference finals.

The Knicks team captain Willis Reed was what?
A: Injured in the finals.

The injury-free Bullets took advantage of his absence, and in game seven, at New York's Madison Square Garden, the Bullets beat the Knicks 93–91 and advanced to their first what?
A: NBA Finals in franchise history.

After the trades of Earl Monroe to the Knicks and Gus Johnson to the Suns, the Bullets remained a playoff contender throughout what period?
A: The 1970s.


Following a less than spectacular 1971–72 NBA season, the Bullets acquired whom from the Houston Rockets?
A: Elvin Hayes.

Who did they draft?
A: Kevin Porter.

After a slow start, the Bullets began to make their charge in December, posting hat record?
A: A 10–4 record on the way to capturing the Central Division title for the third straight year.

The Bullets would again face the Knicks in the 1973 NBA Playoffs, losing for the what?
A: Fourth time in five series against New York.

In 1973, the team moved to where?
A: Landover, Maryland.

What did they become?
A: The "Capital Bullets"; to avoid confusion with the Washington Capitals.

They changed their name to the "what" the following season?
A: Washington Bullets.


During November 1973, while waiting for the completion of their new arena in Landover, where did the Bullets play their home games?
A: At Cole Field House on the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park.

The Capital Centre opened on December 2, 1973, with the Bullets defeating what team?
A: The SuperSonics.

The 60–22 Bullets made it back to the 1975 what?
A: The NBA Playoffs.

That year, where did Washington post a 36–5 home record?
A: At the Capital Centre.

In the first round of the playoffs, they survived a seven–game series against what team as both teams won all of their games at home?
A: The Buffalo Braves.

In the Eastern Conference finals, they beat what defending NBA champion in six games to advance to the NBA Finals?
A: Boston Celtics.

The Bullets were favorites to win the NBA Championship, but were swept by what team?
A: The Golden State Warriors in four games.

The loss at the NBA Finals lingered into the 1975–76 NBA season as they won how many fewer games than last year?
A: 12.

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