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Houston Rockets Trivia Questions And Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about the Houston Rockets.


Houston Rockets Trivia Questions And Answers

What are the Houston Rockets?
A: The Houston Rockets are an American professional basketball team based in Houston, Texas.

The team plays in what division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA)?
A: The Southwest Division.

When were the Rockets founded?
A: The Rockets were founded in 1967.

Where were the Rockets founded?
A: In San Diego.

The team was bought by Robert Breitbard for US$1.75 million, and  they joined what as an expansion team for the 1967–68 NBA season?
A: The NBA.

Why did the San Diego franchise nickname become the "Rockets"?
A: Because of the local of the Atlas missile and booster rocket program.

Who was named the Rockets' coach?
A: Jack McMahon .


Who was the team's first draft pick in 1967?
A: Pat Riley.

How many games did the Rockets lose in their inaugural season?
A: 70, which was then an NBA record for losses in a season.

In 1968, the Rockets won a coin toss against the Baltimore Bullets to determine what?
A: Who would have the first overall pick in the 1968 NBA Draft.

Who did the Rockets select?
A: Elvin Hayes from, coincidentally, the University of Houston.

Hayes led the team to the franchise's first ever what?
A: Playoff appearance, in 1969.

The Rockets lost in the semi-finals of the Western Division to what team?
A: the Atlanta Hawks.

In 1970, the Rockets drafted what future Hall of Famer?
A:  Calvin Murphy.


They also drafted what future Rockets championship coach?
A:  Rudy Tomjanovich.

Coached by Hall of Fame coach Alex Hannum, the Rockets tallied a 57–97 record in the following two seasons, and did not what?
A: Make the playoffs in either season.

In 1971, Texas Sports Investments, which was led by real estate broker Wayne Duddleston and banker Billy Goldberg, did what?
A: They bought the franchise for $5.6 million, and moved the team to Houston.

The team's nickname of "Rockets" took on even greater relevance after the move, given what?
A: Houston's long connection to the space industry.

In 1974 the Rockets unveiled their what?
A: Classic uniforms that matched the font of the logo and would be used for the next 21 years.

In the 1975 NBA Playoffs they would make their first appearance since 1969 in where?
A: San Diego.

They also advanced to the second round past what team 2 games to 1?
A: The New York Knicks.


They advanced to meet the veteran Boston Celtics, which shut the young Rockets down in how many games?
A: 5.

The Rockets gained popularity in Houston, selling out several home games down the stretch of the regular season as the Rockets battled for a what?
A: A playoff spot and then selling out all of their home playoff games.

In the 1975–76 NBA season the Rockets finally had a what?
A: A permanent home in Houston as they moved into The Summit, which they would call home for the next 29 years.

The following season under coach Egan's guidance, the Rockets did what?
A: Won the franchise's first division title, the 1977 Central Division title at 49–33.

They also made their second appearance in the playoffs since what?
A: Arriving in Houston.

Early into the 1977–78 season, at a game on December 9, 1977, Kevin Kunnert got into a fight with whom?
A: Kermit Washington of the Los Angeles Lakers.

As Tomjanovich approached the altercation, Washington turned and did what?
A: Threw a punch that landed squarely in the face of an approaching Tomjanovich, causing numerous fractures in his face.


Tomjanovich spent the next five months in what?
A: Rehabilitation and was not available for selection in the 1978 All-Star Game.

Who went in his place as the lone Rocket All-Star that season?
A: Malone.

Rudy-T's averages for the season significantly declined after what?
A: The injury.

Without the leadership of team captain Rudy-T, Houston finished with just how many wins in the season?
A: 28.

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