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Atlanta Hawks Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Trivia quiz questions and answers about the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.


Atlanta Hawks Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

What are the Atlanta Hawks?
A: The Atlanta Hawks are an American professional basketball team based in Atlanta, Georgia.

They are part of what division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA)?
A: The Southeast Division.

Where do they play their home games?
A: At Philips Arena in Downtown Atlanta.

Their origins can be traced to the establishment of the what?
A: The Tri-Cities Blackhawks in 1946, a member of the National Basketball League.

In 1949, they joined the National Basketball Association (NBA) as part of the what?
A: The National Basketball League and the Basketball Association of America merger.

In 1951, the team moved to where?
A: Milwaukee.

They also they changed their name to what?
A: The Hawks.


The team moved again in 1955 to where?
A: St. Louis, where they won their only NBA Championship in 1958.

Where did the Hawks move to in 1968?
A: Atlanta.

The Hawks currently own the second-longest run behind the Sacramento Kings, of what?
A: Not winning an NBA title at 56 years.

All the franchise's NBA Finals appearances and lone NBA championship took place when the team resided where?
A: In St. Louis.

The franchise of the Tri-Cities Blackhawks was formed in 1946 in what league?
A: The National Basketball League.

At the time, where did they play?
A: At Wharton Field House, a 6,000-seat arena located in Moline, Illinois.

In 1949 the Blackhawks became one of the National Basketball Association's 17 original teams after a what?
A: A merger of the 12-year-old NBL and the three-year-old Basketball Association of America (BAA).


They reached the playoffs in the NBA's inaugural year under the leadership of what coach?
A:  Red Auerbach.

The following season, they drafted what three-time All-American?
A:  Bob Cousy, but they were unable to reach a deal and traded him to the Chicago Stags.

Where did the Blackhawks finish in the Western Division?
A: Last.

By then, it was obvious that the Tri-Cities area was too small to what?
A: Support an NBA team.

After the season, the franchise relocated to where?
A: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and became the Milwaukee Hawks.

In 1954, who did the Hawks draft?
A:  Bob Pettit, a future NBA MVP.

Despite this, the Hawks were one of the league's worst teams, and in 1955 the Hawks moved yet again, this time to where?
A: St. Louis, Missouri, Milwaukee's rival in the beer industry, and became the St. Louis Hawks.


What did the Hawks do in 1957?
A: The Hawks advanced to the Finals, losing to the Boston Celtics in a double-overtime thriller in game seven.

In 1958, they again advanced to the Finals, where they did what?
A: They avenged their defeat against the Celtics from the previous year, winning the series 4–2 and giving the Hawks their first and only NBA Championship.

How many points did Bob Pettit score in the final game of the series?
A: 50 points.

The Hawks remained one of the NBA's premier teams for the next what?
A: Decade.

In 1960, under coach Ed Macauley, the team advanced to the Finals, but lost to what team in another game seven thriller?
A: The Celtics.

The following year, with the acquisition of what rookie, the Hawks repeated their success?
A: Lenny Wilkens.

They lost to Celtics in the Finals again and lost in how many games?
A: Five.


They would remain contenders for most of the what?
A: 1960s, advancing deep into the playoffs and also capturing several division titles.

Despite the success, Kerner became weary of what?
A: The Hawks' longtime home, Kiel Auditorium.

The 33-year-old arena seated only 10,000 people and was starting to what?
A: Show its age.

The Hawks occasionally played at the larger St. Louis Arena, mostly against popular opponents, but Kerner was not willing to what?
A: Move the team there full-time because it had not been well-maintained since the 1940s.

The arrival of the NHL's Blues in 1967 precluded a what?
A: A full-time move there.

Kerner sold the Hawks to what Atlanta real estate developer?
A: Tom Cousins and former Georgia governor Carl Sanders, who moved the team to Atlanta in 1968.

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