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West Virginia Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions about the state of West Virginia with answers.


West Virginia Trivia Quiz - U.S. States Trivia Quiz With Answers

West Virginia is bordered by what US State to the southeast?
A: Virginia.

What is the West Virginia Sate Slogan
A: Wild and Wonderful.

What state borders West Virginia to the southwest?
A: Kentucky.

Which U.S. State borders West Virginia to the northwest?
A: Ohio.

What is the West Virginia Sate Rock?
A: Coal.

Where does West Virginia rank among the US states in size?
A:  41st largest by area.

Where does the state of West Virginia rank in so far as population?
A:  38th.


What is the capital of West Virginia?
A:  Charleston.

What is the West Virginia Sate Gemstone?
A: Silicified Mississippian fossil coral.

West Virginia became a state after the Wheeling Conventions of 1861, in which 50 counties in Virginia decided to do what?
A: Break away from Virginia.

What is the West Virginia Sate Fossil?
A: Jefferson's ground sloth.

The new state of West Virginia was admitted to the Union on what date?
A:  June 20, 1863.

West Virginia was a key Civil War border state. and the only state to form by seceding from a what?
A: Confederate state.

What is the West Virginia Sate Food?
A: Golden delicious apple.


The State of West Virginia was one of only two states that were established during the what?
A: Civil War.

What is the West Virginia Sate Butterfly?
A: Monarch butterfly.

Studies have shown that native American Indians, as early as 100 BC, were doing what to to clear land?
A: Burning forests .

As of 2009, how many archaeological sites have been documented in West Virginia?
A: Over 12,500.

How many troops did the area that is now West Virginia provide to both the Union and Confederate war efforts?
A: About 22,000 to 25,000 troops to each side.

What is the West Virginia Sate Fish?
A: Brook trout.

Access to what was opened  upon the completion of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O) to the city of Huntington on the Ohio River in 1872?
A: The New River Coal Field.


West Virginia is located in what mountain range?
A: The Appalachian Mountain range.

What are the West Virginia Sate Colors?
A: Old gold and Blue.

How big is the state of West Virginia in square miles?
A:  24,229.76 square miles.

West Virginia's longest border is with Virginia and is how many miles long?
A: 381.

What is the highest point in West Virginia?
A: Atop Spruce Knob, at 4,863 ft .

 The Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia are among the oldest mountains on our planet, having formed how many years ago?
A: Over 300 million.

What is the West Virginia State Tree?
A: Sugar maple.


What is the highest recorded temperature in the state of West Virginia?
A:  112 °F at Martinsburg on July 10, 1936.

In West Virginia, the lowest recorded temperature is what?
A: −37 °F at Lewisburg on December 30, 1917.

Weather wise, West Virginia is one of the "what" states in the nation?
A:  Cloudiest.

The state of West Virginia has some of the most frequent precipitation in the nation, with Snowshoe averaging nearly how many days per annum with either rain or snow?
A: 200.

West Virginia has less severe weather than in most other eastern states, and it ranks among the least tornado-prone states where?
A: East of the Rockies.

The Census Bureau estimates the population of West Virginia to have been how many people  on July 1, 2013?
A: 1,854,304.

What is the West Virginia Sate Reptile?
A: Timber rattler.


What hotel, originally built in 1778, has frequented by numerous world leaders and U.S. Presidents over the years?
A: The Greenbrier hotel and resort.

A major mineral resource in West Virginia's economy is what?
A: Coal.

West Virginia as a coal producer is second only to what other US State?
A: Wyoming.

What is the West Virginia Sate Mammal?
A: Black bear.

In so far as energy production, West Virginia also produces large amounts of what?
A: Natural gas.

Almost  all of the electrical energy being generated in West Virginia is from what type of power plants?
A: Coal-fired power plants.

Near the city of Charleston west Virginia, in January of 2014, a chemical spill contaminated the water supply of how many  people?
A: 300,000.


 In West Virginia the death rates exceeds what?
A: The birth rate.

Where did the Annie E. Casey Foundation's National Index of Children's Progress rank the state of West Virginia in the nation for all kids?
A:  43rd for all kids, and last for white kids.

What is the West Virginia State Insect?
A: Western honey bee.

 What is the West Virginia Sate Flower?
A: Rhododendron.

Charleston, West Virginia has the worst rate of what among 100 cities in the nation?
A: Divorce rate.

Where does West Virginia rank in 20 categories, including cancer, child immunization, diabetes, disabilities, drug deaths, teeth loss, low birth weight, and more?
A: Either last or second-to-last.

The national birth rates for teenagers were at historic lows during the period of 2007-2010, except West Virginia, however, which ranked where with a 3% increase in teen birth rates?
A: Last.


What did a study by West Virginia's Marshall University show for the health of newborn babies in the state?
A: 19% of babies born in West Virginia have evidence of drug or alcohol exposure.

West Virginia Governors can serve only two consecutive terms, but must do what before serving a third term
A: Sit out a term.

How many miles of public roads are in the state of West Virginia?
A: Over 37,300 miles.

Because of the mountainous nature of  West Virginia, there are some notable tunnels and bridges, the most famous being the what?

What is the West Virginia Sate Bird?
A: Northern cardinal.

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