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1945 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

1945 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers from the 40s.


1945 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

On January 27, what did the Soviet Red Army do?
A: It liberates Auschwitz.

Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine continues and the United States Army crosses what?
A: The Siegfried Line.

The Soviet Union begins the East Prussian Offensive to eliminate what?
A:  German forces in East Prussia.

In January, were does Adolf Hitler take residence?
A:  In the Führerbunker in Berlin.

The SS begins evacuation of what?
A: Auschwitz concentration camp.

Nearly 60,000 prisoners, mostly Jews, are forced to what?
A: They are forced to march to other locations in Germany, and as many as 15,000 die.

The 7,000 too sick to move are left without what?
A: Supplies.


Who is inaugurated to a fourth term as President of the United States?
A: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Infantry action at Holtzwihr, France, for which Audie Murphy is awarded what?
A: The Medal of Honor.

121 American soldiers and 800 Filipino guerrillas do what?
A: They free 813 American prisoners of war from the Japanese-held camp in the city of Cabanatuan in the Philippines.

Adolf Hitler makes his last public speech to be delivered personally, on broadcast radio, expressing what?
A: The belief that Germany will triumph.

Who is executed by firing squad near Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines for desertion?
A: Eddie Slovik, the only U.S. soldier since the American Civil War ever executed for this offense.

Raymond L. Libby of American Cyanamid's research laboratories at Stamford, Connecticut, announces what?
A: A method of orally administering the antibiotic penicillin.

When does the Soviet Union agrees to enter the Pacific War against Japan?
A: Once hostilities against Germany are concluded.


President Roosevelt, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin hold what?
A: The Yalta Conference.

French writer Robert Brasillach is executed for what?
A: Collaboration with the Germans.

Soviet forces capture what from the Nazis?
A: Budapest, Hungary.

What four countries join the United Nations?
A: Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru.

In February American and Filipino ground forces land on what Island in the Philippines?
A: Corregidor Island.

Venezuela declares war on what country?
A: Germany.

From February 19 February 20, how many Japanese soldiers die as a result of a killing spree by long saltwater crocodiles in Ramree, Burma?
A: 980.


A group of United States Marines reach the top of Mount Suribachi on the island and are photographed doing what?
A: Raising the American flag.

The photo, raising the Flag on Iwo Jima wins a what?
A: A Pulitzer Prize.

The capital of the Philippines, Manila, is what?
A: Liberated by combined American and Filipino ground troops.

Turkey joins the war on whose side?
A: The allies side.

Who dies of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp?
A: Anne Frank.

Franklin D. Roosevelt gives what will be his “what” to a joint session of the United States Congress, reporting on the Yalta Conference?
A: His last address.

Former U.S. Vice-President Henry A. Wallace starts his term of office as what?
A: U.S. Secretary of Commerce, serving under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.


The British Royal Air Force accidentally bombs what?
A: The Bezuidenhout neighbourhood in The Hague, Netherlands, killing 511 people.

In March the Princess Elizabeth, later to become Queen Elizabeth II, joins what?
A: The British Army's Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service as a truck driver/mechanic.

A Communist-led government is formed in Romania under whom?
A: Petru Groza following Soviet intervention.

Resistance fighters accidentally ambush and attempt to execute who?
A: SS general Hanns Albin Rauter, the arch-persecutor of the Dutch.

American troops seize what bridge in Germany?
A: The bridge over the Rhine at Remagen, Germany and begin to cross.

Who forms a government in Yugoslavia?
A: Josip Broz Tito.

USAAF B-29 bombers attack Tokyo, Japan, with incendiary bombs, killing how many citizens in the firebombing?
A: 100,000.


The 17th Academy Awards ceremony is held, broadcast via “what” for the first time?
A: Radio.

At the 17th Academy Awards, who wins Best Picture?
A: Going My Way.

What city in Japan is fire-bombed by 331 B-29 bombers, killing over 8,000 people?
A: Kobe.

In March British troops liberate what city?
A: Mandalay, Burma.

What is formed with the adoption of a charter in Cairo, Egypt?
A: Arab League.

What cartoon character, debuts in "Life with Feathers"?
A: Sylvester the cat.

The Japanese battleship Yamato explodes after persistent attacks from U.S. aircraft during what battle?
A: The Battle of Okinawa, 7 April 1945.


On April 4th, American troops liberate their first what?
A: Concentration camp, Ohrdruf extermination camp in Germany.

Who becomes Prime Minister of Japan?
A: Kantarō Suzuki.

Johann Georg Elser, would-be assassin of Adolf Hitler, is what?
A: Executed at Dachau concentration camp.

April 10 – WWII: Visoko is liberated by the 7th, 9th and 17th Krajina Brigades from the Tenth Division of Yugoslav Partisan forces.

On April 11, what concentration camp is liberated by the U. S. Army?
A: Buchenwald.

What happens to President Roosevelt at Warm Springs, Georgia?
A: He dies suddenly.

Who becomes the 33rd President?
A: Vice President Harry S. Truman.

American war correspondent Ernie Pyle is killed by what?
A: Japanese machine gun fire on the island of Ie Shima off Okinawa.


Rodgers and Hammerstein's "what", a musical play based on Ferenc Molnár's Liliom, opens on Broadway and becomes their second long-running stage classic?
A: Carousel.

On his 56th birthday Adolf Hitler leaves his Führerbunker to do what?
A: Decorate a group of Hitler Youth soldiers in Berlin.

Retreating German troops destroy what?
A: All the bridges over the Adige in Verona, including the historic Ponte di Castelvecchio and Ponte Pietra.

Nazi surrenders mean the British and Canadians now control what?
A: The German border with Switzerland from Basle to Lake Constance.

U.S. Ordnance troops find the coffins of whom?
A: Frederick William I of Prussia, Frederick the Great, Paul von Hindenburg, and his wife.

The Western Allies flatly reject any offer of surrender by Germany other than what?
A: Unconditional on all fronts.

Benito Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci, are what?
A: Executed by Italian partisans as they attempt to flee the country.


Where are their bodies then hung by their heels?
A: In the public square of Milan.

British Avro Lancaster bombers drop "what" into the Netherlands?
A: Food to prevent the starvation of the civilian population.

Joseph Goebbels and his wife Magda commit suicide after what?
A: Killing their six children.

Who surrenders to U.S. forces (later going on to help to start the U.S. space program)?
A: Rocket scientist Wernher von Braun and 120 members of his team.

The Holy Crown of Hungary is found by whom?
A: The United States Army 86th Infantry Division.

Why does the United States government keep the crown in Fort Knox ?
A: For safekeeping from the Soviets until it is returned to Hungary on 6 January 1978.

The US 11th Armored Division liberates the prisoners of what concentration camp?
A: Mauthausen.


A Japanese fire balloon kills five children and a woman, Elsie Mitchell, near Bly, Oregon, when it explodes as they what?
A: Drag it from the woods.

They are the only people killed by what?
A: An enemy attack on the American mainland during WWII.

Canadian troops move into what city?
A: Amsterdam, after German troops surrender.

The German occupation of the Channel Islands ends with their liberation by who?
A: British troops.

What does Heinrich Himmler, former head of the Nazi SS do?
A: commits suicide in British custody.

The Franck Committee recommends against a surprise what?
A: Nuclear bombing of Japan.

The Battle of Okinawa ends with US occupation of the island until when?
A: 1972.


Who is elected the second President of Ireland?
A: Seán T. O'Kelly.

The Scott Morrison Award of Minor Hockey Excellence was first given to whom?
A: The first recipient is Gordie Howe.

Italy declares war on who?
A: Japan.

The first test of an atomic bomb, using about six kilograms of plutonium, succeeds in unleashing an explosion equivalent to that of what?
A: 19 kilotons of TNT.

President Harry S. Truman approves the order for what?
A: Atomic bombs to be used against Japan.

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