Miscellaneous Food Trivia Questions and Answers

Free printable food trivia quiz with answers about miscellaneous food.


Which food was rationed after WWII ended, but not during the war?
A:  Bread

61 Rhapsody, Aromel, Tamella Cambridge favorite types of what?
A:  Strawberry Varieties

Condensed Milk was invented by whom?
A: Gail Borden

A hen of the woods is what?
A: A mushroom

The most popular meal ordered in US restaurants is what?
A:  Fried Chicken

Charlie Chaplin ate a boot in the movie "Gold Rush"...  what was it made out of?
A:  Liquorice

What kind of plant does the Colorado beetle attack?
A:  Potato

What two ingredients make the dish 'angels on horseback '?
A: Oysters  and  Bacon

In Newark it's illegal to sell what after 6pm unless a Doctors note is shown?
A:  Ice Cream

What was the first food consumed on the moon in the Apollo 11 moon mission?
A:  Turkey

According to a survey, what is the U.S. top family food?
A: Spaghetti

How many cans of soda does the average American consumes in a year?
A: 600

The top United States food consumption days are Xmas, Thanksgiving ,and what?
A:  Super Bowl Sunday

What is the oldest soft drink in the US?
A:  Doctor Pepper

Garbanzo beans also known as what?
A:  Chick peas

What is the most often ordered seafood item in restaurants?
A: Shrimp

Lobster Newberg was invented at what famous American restaurant?
A:  Delmonicos

What was invented in the 1800s and sold as a diarrhea cure?
A:  Tomato Ketchup

What America food did Charles Jung invent?
A: Fortune Cookies

What are the two items that make up the dish "devils on horseback"?
A:  Bacon and Prunes

How long do shrimp live?
A: They usually live from one to seven years.

Beef is the culinary name for what?
A: Meat from cattle, particularly skeletal muscle.

Humans have been eating beef since when?
A: Prehistoric times.

Beef is a source of what?
A: High-quality protein and nutrients.

Beef skeletal muscle meat can be used as is by doing what?
A: By merely cutting it into parts like roasts, short ribs, steaks, etc.

Trimmings are usually mixed with meat from what?
A: Older, leaner, tougher cattle.

The blood is used in what?
A: Blood sausage.

Some beef intestines are cooked and eaten as is, but are more often cleaned and used as what?
A: Natural sausage casings.

Beef bones are used for making what?
A: The bones are used for making beef stock.

The meat from older bulls, because it is usually tougher, is frequently used for what?
A: Ground beef.

Beef from steers and heifers is what?
A: Similar.

Citrus fruits are notable for their fragrance, partly due to what?
A: Flavonoids and limonoids (which in turn are terpenes) contained in the rind, and most are juice-laden.

The juice contains a high quantity of what?
A: Citric acid giving them their characteristic sharp flavor.

The genus is commercially important as many species are cultivated for their fruit, which is eaten how?
A: Fresh, pressed for juice, or preserved in marmalades and pickles.

They are also good sources of what vitamin?
A: Vitamin C.

The content of vitamin C in the fruit depends on what?
A: The species, variety, and mode of cultivation.

Some fruits, for example cherries, physically mature and then do what?
A: Continue to ripen on the tree.

Other fruits, such as pears, are picked when mature, but before they ripen, then do what?
A: Continue to ripen off the tree.

Citrus fruits pass from immaturity to maturity to overmaturity while what?
A: Still on the tree.

Once they are separated from the tree, they do not what?
A: Increase in sweetness or continue to ripen.

The rind and oil of the fruit is generally what?
A: Very bitter, especially when cooked, so is often combined with sugar.

The fruit pulp can vary from sweet to what?
A: Extremely sour.

Marmalade, a condiment derived from cooked orange and lemon, can be especially bitter, but is usually sweetened to cut the bitterness and produce a jam-like result.

Lemon or lime is commonly used as a what?
A: A garnish for water, soft drinks, or cocktails.

Citrus juices, rinds, or slices are used in a variety of what?
A: Mixed drinks.

The colorful outer skin of some citrus fruits, known as zest, is used as a what?
A: A flavoring in cooking.