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Bread Trivia Quiz Questions About All Kinds Of Bread

Trivia quiz questions about bread with answers.


Bread Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

In many cultures, bread is a metaphor for what?
A: Basic necessities and living conditions in general.

For example, a "bread-winner" is a household's what?
A: Main economic contributor and has little to do with actual bread-provision.

In Russia in 1917, the Bolsheviks promised what?
A: "peace, land, and bread."

The term "breadbasket" denotes a what?
A: An agriculturally productive region.

In Slavic cultures bread and salt is offered as a what?
A: Welcome to guests.

In India, life's basic necessities are often referred to as what?
A:  "roti, kapra aur makan" (bread, cloth, and house).

In Israel, the most usual phrase in work-related demonstrations is what?
A:  lekhem, avoda ("bread, work").


The word bread is commonly used around the world in English-speaking countries as a synonym for what?
A: Money (as is the case with the word "dough").

A remarkable or revolutionary innovation is often referred to in North America and the United Kingdom as what?
A: "the greatest thing since sliced bread" or "the best thing since sliced bread".

Bread is one of the oldest what?
A: Prepared foods.

In Europe, starch residue was found on rocks used for pounding plants from how long ago?
A:  30,000 years.

At the time of the Neolithic age, about 10,000 BC and the spread of agriculture, grains became the mainstay of what?
A: Making bread.

Yeast spores are ubiquitous, including the surface of cereal grains, so any dough left to rest will become what?
A: Naturally leavened.

There were multiple sources of "what" available for early bread?
A: Leavening.


What was the most common source of leavening?
A: Saving a piece of dough from the previous day to use as a form of sourdough starter.

In 1961, what process was developed?
A: The Chorleywood bread process.

It used the intense mechanical working of dough to do what?
A: Dramatically reduce the fermentation period and the time taken to produce a loaf of bread.

What counter-top machine has recently become popular?
A: Domestic bread machines that automate the process of making bread.

What is Pita bread?
A: It is an ancient semi-leavened bread widespread in the Middle East.

White bread is made from flour containing only the what?
A: Central core of the grain.

Brown bread is made with endosperm and what?
A: 10% bran.


What does Whole Wheat bread contain?
A:  It contains the whole of the wheat grain (endosperm, bran, and germ).

Roti is a whole-wheat-based bread eaten in what part of the world?
A: South Asia.

Rye bread is made with flour from what?
A: Rye grain of varying levels.

Rye bread is higher in fiber than many common types of bread and is often what?
A: Darker in color and stronger in flavor.

Unleavened bread or matzo, used for the Jewish feast of Passover, does not include what?
A: Yeast.

Sourdough bread is made with a what?
A: Starter.

Hemp bread includes strongly flavored what?
A: Hemp flour or seeds.

What has Hemp has been used in for thousands of years in China?
A: Traditional Chinese medicine.

What is hemp flour?
A: It is the by-product from pressing the oil from the seeds and milling the residue.

Why does hemp dough not rise?
A: Due to its lack of gluten.

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