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Words Trivia Quiz

Words trivia quiz questions with answers.


Words Trivia Quiz

In Italian, what word means swank?
A: Mafia.

Orthoepy is the study of what?
A: Word pronunciation.

Eidology is the search for the existence of what?
A: Ghosts.

The back of a sock is called a what?
A: Gore.

What is a Caldera Depression?
A: A depression left by a volcano.

In German what does lager mean?
A: Storage.

A Markka is a currency of what country?
A: Finland.


Epistemology is the study of what?
A: Knowledge.

Atephobia is a fear of what? ?
A: Imperfection.

What does the Latin phrase "Ex Mores" mean?
A: According to Custom.

You most likely to see a penumbra during what?
A: An Eclipse.

What does an anthrophage practice?
A: Cannibalism.

What is a paradiddle?
A: A Drum Roll.

What are a swallowtail and a burgee?
A: Flags.


Tempera uses water and Egg Yolk to what with?
A: Paint.

Lahnaphophobia is the fear of what?
A: Vegetables.

Sourj is Armenian for what?
A: Coffee.

What is nacre more commonly known as?
A: Mother of Pearl.

Pogonophobia is the fear of what?
A: Beards.

Kensington Gore is what?
A: Actors fake blood.

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