Cartoon Trivia Quiz Questions with the Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about cartoons.


Cartoon Trivia Quiz Questions with the Answers

Who created Gomez, Mortia and Uncle Fester as a cartoon?
A: Charles Adams

Who was the original voice of the cartoon character Shaggy on Scooby Doo?
A:  Casey Kasem

What superhero was the first Marvel Comics superhero?
A:  Human Torch

What is Olive Oyls brother s name?
A: Castor Oyl

What was the cartoon character Mr. Magoos first name?
A: Quincy

What cartoon strip is known as Radishes in Denmark?
A: Peanuts.

What is Warner Brothers oldest cartoon character?
A:  Porky Pig


Homer Simpson's middle name is what?
A: Jay

On the Simpsons, Armand Tarmizan is the 'real' name of what cartoon character?
A: Principle Skinner

In the Flintstones what was Betty Rubbles maiden name?
A:  Betty Jean McBricker

Where do  Rocky and Bullwinkle live?
A: In Frostbite falls Minnesota

What does Lucy offer in her booth in the Snoopy cartoons?
A:  Psychiatric help

In the Snoopy cartoons, how much does Lucy charge for psychiatric help in her booth?
A:  5 cents


In the roadrunner cartoons, what does the E stand for in Wiley E Coyote?
A:  Ethelbert

Which cartoon character was originally called egghead?
A:  Elmer J Fudd

Hanna-Barbera's first cartoon was what?
A: Ruff and Reddy

Oil can Henry is which cartoon character's enemy?
A:  Mighty Mouse.

What was the name of the dog in Peter Pan?
A:  Nana

Pinto Colvig voiced what Disney character?
A: Sleepy

What is Dick Tracey's girlfriends name?
A:  Tess Trueheart