Trivia Questions With Answers!

Easy Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Easy free trivia quiz questions about Disney movies, popular actors, musical groups, and more.


Easy Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Which English city is the home of Buckingham Palace?
A: London.

Circle of Life came from what Disney film?
A: Lion King.

What is Charlie Sheen's real name?
A: Carlos Estevez.

In the original Jackson line up how many were there?
A: Five.

Robinson Crusoe spent how many years ship wrecked on the island?
A: 24 years.

If it is 9:00 a.m. in Missouri, what time is it in Wyoming?
A: 8:00 a.m.

Michael Jordan gave up basketball to try what sport in 1993?
A: Baseball.


In professional basketball, where are the Supersonics from?
A: Seattle.

In Football, what position is QB?
A: Quarterback.

Forrest Gump's mom says, "Life is like a box of" what?
A: Chocolates.

In the world of sports what does MVP mean?
A: Most Valuable Player.

In the 1950s hit song, who did Running Bear love?
A: Little White Dove.

In the 1960s in which California City were you supposed to wear flowers in your hair?
A: San Francisco.

In the comic strip, Little Orphan Annie, what was the name of Daddy Warbuck's Giant bodyguard who wore a turban?
A: Punjab.


In the X files, what is Mulder's first name?
A: Fox

Rap singing originated in what country?

In what country was a 2,000 year old terracotta army discovered buried?
A: China.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor took place in what month?
A: December.

The Knicks would take on the Nets in which sport?
A: Basketball.

The Mojave desert is in which state?
A: Nevada.

Michael Jackson's Never Land Ranch was in what state?
A: California.


What is Madonna's daughter's name?
A: Lourdes Maria.

Ottawa is which country's capital?
A: Canada.

What is Pokemon an abbreviation of?
A: Pocket Monster.

San Diego is in which state?
A: California.

The Fresh Prince of where was the subject of a sitcom of over 140 shows?
A: Bel Air.

Which sport does the Heisman Trophy belong to?
A: Football.

UNICEF is responsible for what group of people?
A: Children.

The stars on the US American flag are what color?
A: White.

Charlie Brown has what design on his sweater?
A: Zig Zag.

Teenager Ann Frank left what behind that was published after her death?
A: Diary.

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