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Dinosaur Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Fun dinosaur trivia quiz questions about The Tyrannosaurus.


Dinosaur Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Tyrannosaurus was a bipedal carnivore with a massive skull balanced by a what?
A: Long, heavy tail.

Tyrannosaurus fore limbs were short but unusually powerful for their size and had what?
A: Two clawed digits.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the largest known what?
A: Land predators.

The most complete Tyrannosaurus rex specimen measures up to how long?
A: Up to 40 ft in length, up to 13 ft tall at the hips, and up to 7.5 tons in weight.

Tyrannosaurus Rex  was the largest carnivore in its what?
A: Environment.

Tyrannosaurus rex may have been an apex predator, preying upon what?
A: Hadrosaurs, ceratopsians, and possibly sauropods.

Most scientists agree that Tyrannosaurus rex was an opportunistic carnivore, acting as both a predator and a what?
A: Scavenger.

It is estimated to be capable of exerting one of the largest what among all terrestrial animals?
A: Bite forces.


How many specimens of Tyrannosaurus Rex have been identified?
A: More than 50.

Some specimens are nearly complete what?
A: Skeletons.

What type of tissue has been reported in at least one of these specimens?
A: Soft tissue and proteins.

Tyrannosaurus's had hind limbs that were among the longest in proportion to body size of any what?
A: Theropod.

The tail was heavy and long, sometimes containing how many vertebrae?
A: Over forty.

Many bones throughout the skeleton were what?
 A: Hollow.

How long is the largest known Tyrannosaurus Rex skull?
A: 5 feet.

Tyrannosaurus's skull was extremely wide at the rear but had a narrow what?
A: Snout, allowing unusually good binocular vision.


A 2012 study suggested that the bite force of Tyrannosaurus could have been the strongest of what?
A: Any terrestrial animal that has ever lived.

The largest T-Rex tooth found so far is estimated to have been how long?
A: 12 inches long including the root.

The smallest known individual is estimated to have weighed only how much?
A: 66 pounds.

The same specimen was estimated to be how old?
A: 2 years.

Over half of the known Tyrannosaurus rex specimens appear to have died within how long of reaching sexual maturity?
A: Six years.

Only a single Tyrannosaurus rex specimen has been conclusively shown to belong to a specific what?
A: Sex.

Examination of "B-rex" demonstrated the preservation of "what" within several bones?
A: Soft tissue.


Some of this tissue has been identified as what?
A: Medullary tissue.

Medullary tissue is a specialized tissue grown only in modern birds as a source of calcium for the production of what?
A: Eggshell during ovulation.

As only female birds lay eggs, medullary tissue is only found naturally in what?
A: Females.

This strongly suggests that "B-rex" was female, and that she died during what?
A: Ovulation.

The forelimbs might have been used to do what?
A: Help T. rex rise from a resting pose.

Research on some of the soft tissues found  in some specimens has suggested that what are closer relatives to tyrannosaurs than any other modern animals?
A: birds.

In studies reported in the journal Science in April 2007 collagen proteins detected in purified Tyrannosaurus rex bone most closely matched what?
A: Chickens.


Many scientists consider it likely that T. rex had "what" on at least parts of its body?
A: Feathers.

Two isolated fossilized footprints have been tentatively assigned to Tyrannosaurus rex, where was the first discovered?
A: At Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico, in 1983 by American geologist Charles Pillmore.

The track was made in what was once a what?
A: Vegetated wetland mud flat.

The print measures 33 inches long by how wide?
A: 28 inches.

A second footprint that may have been made by a Tyrannosaurus was first reported in 2007 where?
A: The Hell Creek Formation of Montana.

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