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Funny Trivia Questions and Answers About The Law

Free printable funny law trivia with questions about stupid laws and hard to believe stuff.


In Elkhart Indiana it's illegal for a barber to threaten to do what?
A: Cut off a kids ears

What must prostitutes do in Holland by law?
A:  Pay Income Tax

Church law once mandated what for believing in a what?
A:  A vacuum death

In Scotland it's against the law to be drunk while in possession of a what?
A:  A Cow

Portland Oregon, by law,  a minister cannot marry a couple where?
A:  Ice Rink

In what state does the law prohibit shooting rabbits from a Motorboat?
A: Kansas

Legally,  every Swiss citizen must have access to what?
A: A  personal bomb shelter

Public singing is illegal in Florida if you are wearing what?
A:  Swimsuit

In Newport Rhode Island after dark, it's against the law to do what?
A:  Smoke a pipe

Twenty four percent of American adults admitted to participating in what?
A:  Illegal Gambling

What us it illegal to chain to a fire hydrant in Michigan?
A: An Alligator

In England it's against the law for a lady to do what on a public conveyance?
A:  Eat Chocolates

Legally, Nebraska Barbers can't do what between 7 am 7 pm?
A: Eat Onions

In Huston it's against the law to sell what on Sunday?
A:  Limburger Cheese

Where is  it illegal to own a Log Cabin?
A: In Beaconsfield Quebec

In England it is specifically illegal to be drunk where?
A:  In a pub

In North Carolina it's illegal to do what?
A:  Sing out of Tune

In 19th century Florence it was illegal for women to wear what?
A:  Buttons

Drivers in  Beijing China are fined 40 Yuan for doing what at pedestrian crossings?
A:  Stopping, because it's illegal

Which was the first colony to legalize witchcraft?
A:  Pennsylvania

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