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Nebraska Trivia Quiz Questions About the State of Nebraska

Trivia quiz questions about Nebraska with answers.


Nebraska Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers - US States Trivia

What is Nebraska's  state capital?
A:  Lincoln.

What is the Nebraska state mammal?
A: White-tailed deer.

What is Nebraska's largest city?
A:  Omaha.

In what year did Nebraska become a  U.S. State?
A: 1867.

In what year did French-Canadian explorers, the Mallet brothers traverse the territory of Nebraska?
A: In 1739, .

What is the Nebraska state insect?
A:  European honey bee.

In 1819, what fort did the US establish as the first Army post west of the Missouri River?
A: Fort Atkinson.


What is the Nebraska state tree?
A: Cottonwood.

How many time zones does the state have?
A:  Two.

What is the Nebraska state grass?
A: Little bluestem.

Due to the Homestead Act, settlers migrated into Nebraska by the thousands to claim their free land granted by who?
A: The federal government.

What is the Nebraska state beverage?
A: Milk.

Nebraska is located in what  "Alley"?
A: Tornado Alley.

Because hardly any trees grew on the prairies, many of the first settlers built their homes out of what?
A: Sod.


What is the Nebraska state fossil?
A: Mammoth.

On what day did Nebraska become the 37th state to join the Union?
A: On March 1, 1867.

What was the name of the last major battle between the Pawnee and the Sioux, on August 5, 1873?
A:  The battle of Massacre Canyon.

What is the Nebraska state motto?
A: Equality Before the Law.

During the 1870s to the 1880s, Nebraska experienced a large growth in population and by the 1880s, Nebraska's population had soared to more than how many people?
A:  450,000 people.

What is the Nebraska state dance?
A: Square dance.

According to the 2010 census, Omaha had a population of what?
A: 408,958.


What is the Nebraska state Flower?
A: Goldenrod.

Omaha has a long history of civil rights activism and in 1912 African Americans founded the what?
A: Omaha chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

What is the Nebraska state gemstone?
A: Blue agate.

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded for Nebraska?
A:  −47 °F at Camp Clarke on February 12, 1899.

Nebraska is bordered to the north by what State?
A: South Dakota.

What state borders Nebraska to the east?
A: Iowa.

What is the Nebraska state rock?
A: Prairie agate.


What state borders the state of Nebraska to the west?
A: Wyoming .

How many counties does the State of Nebraska have?
A:  93.

Nebraska is split into two major land regions: the Dissected Till Plains and the what?
A:  Great Plains.

What is the point with the highest elevation in Nebraska?
A:  Panorama Point, at 5,424 feet.

What is the Nebraska state slogan?
A: Nebraska, possibilities...endless.

What is the highest temperature that the state of Nebraska's has ever recorded?
A:  118 °F at Minden on July 24, 1936.

What is the Nebraska state fish?
A: Channel catfish.


In Nebraska, 89% percent of the cities have fewer than how many people?
A:  3,000.

As of 2010, how many cities and villages were there in Nebraska?
A: 530.

What was Nebraska's gross state product in 2010?
A:  $89.8 billion.

What is the Nebraska state song?
A: "Beautiful Nebraska".

In 2004, where did Nebraska rank as far as per capita personal income with the other states?
A:  25th.

Who created Kool-Aid in 1927, in the city of Hastings, Nebraska?
A:  Edwin Perkins.

What is the name of the world's largest train yard in North Platte, Nebraska?
A: Union Pacific's Bailey Yard.

 Vise-Grips were invented by who in 1924, and was manufactured in De Witt until 2008?
A: William Petersen.

What is the Nebraska state bird?
A:  Western meadowlark.

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