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Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About Music

Free trivia quiz questions with answers about music.


Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About Music

Spice Girl Mel C joined which artist on the hit When You're Gone?
A: Bryan Adams.

In which decade was singer Bruce Springsteen born?

Robert Velline made the charts under which name?
A: Bobby Vee.

Which Teddy sang lead vocals with Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes?
A: Pendergrass.

Stevie Wonder was given the keys to which city in recognition of his talents in 1984?
A: Detroit.

Which costume was worn by David Bowie on his Ashes to Ashes video?
A: Pierrot.


Let's Wait Awhile came from which Janet Jackson album?
A: Control.

George Michael was brought up in which city?
A: London.

How old was Elvis Presley when he died?
A: 42.

Which lady's only No 1 was Total Eclipse Of The Heart?
A: Bonnie Tyler.

Who was Dancing On The Ceiling in 1986?
A: Lionel Richie.

Who took his Part-Time Lover to No 1 in the 80s?
A: Stevie Wonder.


What is in brackets in the title of Cher's The Shoop Shoop Song?
A: It's In His Kiss.

Which American city links songs by Bruce Springsteen and Elton John?
A: Philadelphia.

What type of creature was Michael Jackson's pet Muscles?
A: Snake.

What job did Del Shannon take on when he came out of the US Army?
A: Carpet salesman.

Which senior star released an album in 1996 called Strong Love Affair?
A: Ray Charles.

What was Peter Cetera's first solo NO 1 single?
A: Glory Of Love.


What was Bruce Springsteen's first Top Ten Single?
A: Light Of My Life.

Spice Girl Mel C joined which artist on the hit When You're Gone?
A: Bryan Adams.

Which Michael Jackson album had the subtitle Past Present and future Book 1?
A: History.

Which name links Stigers and Mayfield?
A: Curtis.

What was Madonna's next No 1 after Like A Virgin?
A: Crazy For You.

In which decade was superstar Michael Bolton born?
A: 1950s

Where was John Denver born?
A: New Mexico.

Who had an 80sNo 1 with You Keep Me Hangin' On?
A: Kim Wilde.

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