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Disaster Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free natural disasters trivia quiz with answers


Disaster Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Where did Hurricane Mitch strike in 1998?
A: Central America.

Which Open Tennis tournament was John McEnroe expelled from?
A: Australian.

Which airline owned the plane which crashed off Nova Scotia in 1998 killing over 200 including UN officials?
A: Swissair.

Which disaster took place in Kobe, Japan in 1995?
A: Earthquake.

Charles Rolls of Rolls Royce fame died in what type of vehicle?
A: Airplane.

Which scandal hit sportsman was described by wife Monica in 1998 as "kind of shy?"
A: <p>.


In which African countries were US embassies bombed in 1998?
A: Kenya & Tanzania.

Bandleader Glenn Miller was last seen in an aircraft leaving which country?
A: England.

In 1998 the Festina team was banned from what over drug allegations?
A: Tour de France cycle race.

Where was the USA's worst nuclear accident, in 1979?
A: Three Mile Island.

On which of the Canary Islands did a collision of two jumbo jets take place, making it one of the worst air disasters in history?
A: Tenerife.

Who was the first US President to resign while in office?
A: Richard Nixon.

In which country's waters was Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior sunk in 1985?
A: New Zealand's.


Which Olympic Games were the scene of a terrorist attack by Palestinian guerrillas?
A: Munich.

In which country did the Red Brigades operate in the late 70s?
A: Italy.

In which month did the attack on Pearl Harbor take place?
A: December.

Which German airship crashed in New Jersey in 1937?
A: Hindenburg.

In what decade did the Dust Bowl devastate Midwest farmers?
A: 1930s

In which country was the Titanic launched?
A: Ireland.


How did 1940s British murderer John Haigh dispose of his victims' bodies?
A: Acid bath.

Which illness caused twice as many fatalities in America and Europe in 1917-18 as there were in WWI?
A: Flu.

What was the nationality of the jet shot down in Russian air space in 1983?
A: Korean.

Which American married a former King of England?
A: Wallis Warfield Simpson.

Where in India did a major industrial accident occur in 1984?
A: Bhopal.

In what year was the Wall Street Crash.
A: 1929.

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