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Crime and Punishment Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz questions with the answers about crime and punishment.


Crime and Punishment Trivia Questions and Answers

What was it that Dr Samuel Mudd did that inspired " your name is mud"
A: Treated J W Booth

Tsar Paul I decreed death by flogging to anyone who mentioned what?
A:  His Baldness

What is the name of the bridge that connects a Palace with a State Prison?
A:  Bridge of Sighs in Venice

The gangster, George Nelson, had what nickname?
A:  Baby Face

in 1890, William Kemmlar  became the world's first person to be executed how?
A: By electric chair

Eddie Slovak, in 1945, was the only American to do what?
A: Be executed for desertion in WWII

Who was the minstrel that found Richard I imprisoned?
A:  Blondel


What nationality was Mata Hari?
A: Dutch

In the state of Maine what is it illegal to step out of?
A: A flying plane

In Norway, what is the punishment for drunk driving?
A:  Three months of Government lectures

King Thibaw, imprisoned by the British  was the last king of what country?
A:  Burma

Who was the last living person on a US postal stamp?
A:  Nobody it's illegal to put a living person on a postage stamp.

What device is illegal on Sundays in Switzerland?
A:   Lawn mower

The Burma railroad was built by the inmates of what prison camp?
A:  Changi Prison Camp

William Joyce, US born of Irish descent, was  famous as who in WWII?
A:  Lord Haw-Haw – executed 1946


In Michigan married couples can be imprisoned unless they what?
A:  Live Together

The most murders are committed in what US state?
A:  California

In West Virginia what is it illegal to cook and you can go to prison for cooking it, because of the smell?
A: Cabbage

During the French revolution, in what did the prisoners travel to the guillotine?
A: Tumbrels

In Massachusetts what's illegal unless the bedroom window is locked?
A:  Snoring

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