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Richard Nixon Trivia Questions With Answers

President Richard Nixon trivia quiz questions with answers about his early life.


Richard Nixon Trivia Questions With Answers

Who was the 37th President of the United States?
A: Richard M. Nixon.

During what period was Nixon in office?
A: January 20, 1969 – August 9, 1974

Who was his Vice President?
A: Spiro Agnew (1969–1973),None (Oct–Dec 1973), Gerald Ford (1973–1974)

President Nixon was preceded by whom?
A: Lyndon B. Johnson.

President Nixon was succeeded by whom?
A: Gerald Ford.

Who was Richard Nixon's father?
A:  Francis A. Nixon.

Who was his mother?
A: Hannah (Milhous) Nixon.


On what date was he born?
A: On January 9, 1913.

Where was Nixon born?
A: In a house his father built, in Yorba Linda, California.

What religion was his mother?
A: She was a Quaker.

Richard's father converted from what to the Quaker faith?
A: Methodism.

How many brothers did he have?
A: He had four brothers.

What were the names of his brothers?
A: Harold, Donald, Arthur, and Edward.

Four of the five Nixon boys were named after what?
A: Kings who had ruled in historical or legendary England.


Nixon's early life was marked by what?
A: Hardship.

The Nixon family ranch failed in 1922, and the family did what?
A: Moved to Whittier, California, in an area with many Quakers.

Frank Nixon opened a what?
A: Grocery store and gas station.

After a becoming ill in 1925, what happened to Richard's younger brother Arthur?
A: He died.

At the age of twelve, Richard was found to have what?
A: A spot on his lung.

With a family history of tuberculosis, he was forbidden to do what?
A: Play sports.

 Eventually, the spot was found to be what?
A: Scar tissue from an early bout of pneumonia.


Young Richard attended what elementary school?
A: East Whittier Elementary School, where he was president of his eighth-grade class.

What high school did Richard attend?
A: Fullerton Union High School.

What kind of grades did Richard receive?
A: Excellent grades.

During his freshman year what did he have to do?
A: Ride a school bus for an hour each way.

Nixon played junior varsity football, and seldom missed a practice, even though what?
A: He was rarely used in games.

He had greater success as a what?
A: Debater, winning a number of championships.

His parents permitted Richard to transfer to what high school for his junior year?
A: Whittier High School.


At Whittier, Richard suffered his first electoral what?
A: Defeat, for student body president.

Richard generally rose at 4 a.m., to do what?
A: To drive the family truck into Los Angeles and purchase vegetables at the market.

He then drove to the store to do what?
A: Wash and display vegetables, before going to school.

Richard graduated from Whittier High third in his class of how many students?
A: 207.

Nixon attended what college?
A: Whittier.

His expenses there were covered by what?
A: A bequest from his maternal grandfather.

In 1933, Nixon became engaged to whom?
A: Ola Florence Welch, daughter of the Whittier police chief.


When did they break up?
A: In 1935.

Richard  graduated from Whittier in 1934 with a what?
A: Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in history.

Nixon received a full scholarship to attend what law school?
A:  Duke University School of Law.

Nixon was elected president of what?
A: The Duke Bar Association.

He was also inducted into what?
A: The Order of the Coif.

Nixon graduated where in his class?
A: Third.

When did he graduate?
A: In June 1937.


In January 1938, Nixon was cast in the Whittier Community Players production of what?
A:  The Dark Tower.

There he played opposite a high school teacher named what?
A: Thelma "Pat" Ryan.

Nixon described it in his memoirs as what?
A:  "a case of love at first sight", for Nixon only.

Pat Ryan turned down the young lawyer several times before agreeing to what?
A: Date him.

They married at a small ceremony on what date?
A: June 21, 1940.

After a honeymoon in Mexico, where did the Nixon's begin their married life?
A: In Whittier.

 They had how many daughters?
A: Two, Tricia (born 1946) and Julie (born 1948).

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