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Sports Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Sports trivia questions and answers.


Free Fun Sports Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers
In horse racing, in which city is the Japan Cup held?
A: Tokyo.

In what year was soccer's last World Cup of the 80s held?
A: 1986.

In 1993 Michael Jordan gave up basketball to try which sport?
A: Baseball.

What is the first name of athlete Joyner Kersee?
A: Jackie.

Which country's soccer team was captained by Dunga?
A: Brazil.

What is the color of the stage leader's jersey in the Tour de France?
A: Yellow.


In basket ball, where do the Suns come from?
A: Phoenix.

Which fellow American said with Arnold Palmer that his 1995 British Open would be his last?
A: Jack Nicklaus.

Which Nancy was elected to the Golfing Hall of Fame in 1987?
A: Lopez.

Mark Spitz landed how many gold medals in the 1972 Olympics?
A: Seven.

Yapping Deng was a world champion in which sport?
A: Table Tennis.

Which golfer born in 1929 was the first to earn over $1 million?
A: Arnold Palmer.


In which sport were Lonsdale Belts awarded?
A: Boxing.

Which member of the Howe family held a record that Wayne Gretzky overtook in the 1980s?
A: Gordie.

In which sport does the Fastnet Race take place?
A: Yachting.

What type of speed event is Bonnie Blair famous for?
A: Speed skating.

Which Martina dominated tennis in the 80s?
A: Navratilova.

Which baseball team are Giants?
A: San Francisco.


In 1994 who had a public off-rink battle with Tonya Harding?
A: Nancy Kerrigan.

The Australian Dawn Fraser was famous for which sport?
A: Swimming.

Which San Francisco team did Joe Montana play for through most of the 80s?
A: 49ers.

Who did Magic Johnson play for throughout the 80s?
A: Los Angeles Lakers.

The final of which tennis Grand Slam tournament is played in a Meadow?
A: US Open (at Flushing Meadow, NY).

At which circuit does Formula 1's San Marino Grand Prix take place?
A: Imola.

The Fosbury Flop was developed in which sport?
A: High jump.

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