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Miscellaneous Trivia Questions

Which film did Bob Dylan and Joan Baez make together in 1978?
A: Renaldo & Clara.

Which silent movie star appeared in 17 films by the time she was 25 including A Girl In Every Port?
A: Louise Brooks.

Which lady had a Lovely Daughter, according to Herman's Hermits?
A: Mrs. Brown.

In the U.S., bar trivia nights are sometimes used as what?
A: Fundraisers for nonprofit organizations.

Which musical featured the song Rhythm Of Life?
A: Sweet Charity.

Who had a big 80s No 1 with Every Breath You Take?
A: Police.

Inspector Slack was always on the case with which amateur sleuth?
A: Miss Marple.


Who was the last Briton of the 20th century to win the men's singles at Wimbledon?
A: Fred Perry.

Which drink was advertised with the song I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing?
A: Coca Cola.

Which Love Theme took Henry Mancini to No 1 in 1969?
A: Romeo & Juliet.

Who did Bill Medley duet with on the No 1 (I've Had) the Time Of My Life?
A: Jennifer Warnes.

In which war was Bela Lugosi injured?

Where is the HQ of the multinational Samsung?
A: Laos.

What did the "S" stand for in Harry S Truman's name?
A: Nothing.


What was the title of "Dick Francis's first novel set in the horse racing world?
A: Dead Cert.

What year was Black Monday when the New York stock Exchange fell by 33%?
A: 1987.

How did Alfred Cini become better known?
A: Al Martino.

Which mountain range to the west of Sydney was badly damaged by bush fires in 1993?
A: The Blue Mountains.

Who was born first, Keanu Reeves or Sean Penn?
A: Sean Penn.

Which red Indian tribe featured in "Dances With Wolves?
A: Sioux.

What does E stand for in OPEC?
A: Exporting.


What is the set of fans at the front of a jet engine called?
A: Compressor.

Which actress was voted Miss Orange County California 1976?
A: Michelle Pfeiffer.

Where was Martin Luther King's assassin arrested?
A: London.

In which Bond film did Jane Seymour appear?
A: Live and Let Die.

On which river does Browns Ferry stand?
A: Alabama.

Who had a 90s hit with Sunny Came Home?
A: Shawn Colvin.

Entebbe international airport is in which country?
A: Uganda.


In which decade was Sean Penn born?
A: 1960s.

Which musical work by John Cage has to be played under water?
A: Water Music.

What was Bruce Willis's first movie?
A: Blind Date.

Which golf course includes the Rabbit and the Seal?
A: Troon.

Who recorded a 1985 cover of the Carpenter's hit Santa Claus is Comin' To Town?
A: Bruce Springsteen.

In which sport do the Lakers and Clippers have the same home arena?
A: Basketball.

What is David Frost's middle name?
A: Paradine.


Which famous sporting figure refused conscription to Vietnam in 1967?
A: Muhammad Ali.

Who had a 70s No 1 hit with The Love You Save?
A: The Jackson 5.

Who had a big 60s No 1 with Tossin' And "Turnin'?
A: Bobby Lewis.

How did Virginia Woolf's life end?
A: Drowned herself.

What did the letter A stand for in GATT?
A: Agreement.

Where was Leadbelly 'discovered'?
A: Louisiana Prison.

Who said, "I married beneath me. 'all women do?"
A: Nancy Astor.

In which decade of the 20th century was "Rosanna Arquette born?
A: 1950s.

Where was the Ho Chi Minh trail?
A: Laos.

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