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Los Angeles Clippers Trivia Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions about the L A Clippers.


Los Angeles Clippers Trivia Questions With Answers

Who are the Los Angeles Clippers?
A: The Los Angeles Clippers are an American professional basketball team based in Los Angeles, California.

Where did the franchise begin?
A: In Western New York as the Buffalo Braves.

They were one of three NBA expansion franchises that began play in what season?
A: The 1970–71 season.

What were the other two teams?
A: The Portland Trail Blazers and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Where did the Clippers play their home games?
A: At the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium.

After three bad seasons, the Braves' fortunes started to change under what coach?
A: Jack Ramsay.

The Braves qualified for the playoffs how many times in a row?
A: Three


In 1978, why did San Diego welcome the relocation of the Buffalo Braves franchise?
A: Because the city had lost their Rockets to Houston seven years earlier.

San Diego team officials did not think Braves was a what?
A: Representative nickname for the club.

A contest decided on Clippers because of what?
A: The city was known for the great sailing ships that passed through San Diego Bay.

In the team's first season in San Diego, it posted a record of 43–39 under what new head coach?
A:  Gene Shue, leaving them two wins shy of the final playoff spot.

It would be the Clippers' last winning season for how long?
A: 13 years.

It was also in that first season in Southern California that what long-time announcer began his association with the club?
A: Ralph Lawler.

World B. Free, who was acquired in the offseason from the Philadelphia 76ers, finished second overall in NBA scoring average, with per game?
A: 28.9.


The 1979–80 season saw the Clippers begin to struggle despite adding what center?
A: Bill Walton.

Walton missed 68 games due to foot what?
A: Foot injuries.

San Diego finished 35–47 as key players did what?
A: Missed games due to injuries.

Free again finishing second in league scoring, with how many points per game?
A: 30.2.

Who replaced Shue the following season?
A: Paul Silas.

Free was traded to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for who?
A: Guard Phil Smith.

The 1981–82 season brought changes to the franchise as Irv Levin sold the team to whom?
A: Los Angeles-area real estate developer and attorney Donald Sterling for US$12.5 million.


The Clippers' poor play in the final years in San Diego resulted in averaging only how many fans a game?
A: 4,500.

In 1984, the Clippers moved north to where?
A:  Los Angeles, playing at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

However, the move was not approved by the NBA, which fined Sterling how much money?
A:  $25 million.

He sued the league for $100 million, but dropped the suit when what happened?
A: The league agreed to decrease the fine to $6 million.

The Clippers finished their first season in Los Angeles 31–51 under what head coach?
A: Jim Lynam.

Ken Norman, the Clippers' scoring leader in 1988–89, was a key part of the team's nucleus during what period?
A: The late 1980s and early '90s

The Clippers' early days in Los Angeles were marred with many seasons of what?
A: Hapless performances.


Despite fielding a squad of talented veterans, the organization suffered what?
A: Systematic injuries to many of its star players.

The phenomenon was dubbed the "what" by some sports writers?
A: "Clipper Triangle".

Derek Smith suffered a “what”during the 1985–86 season?
A: Knee injury.

The following season what two players suffered serious injuries?
A: Norm Nixon (knee) and Marques Johnson (spinal cord).

One of the team's low points was its 12–70 finish in 1987 season that was the what?
A: The second-worst single-season record in NBA history at that time.

That same season also saw Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor join the team as the what?
A: General Manager and Vice President of basketball operations.

Nixon suffered an ailing Achilles tendon in 1987–88, while  what number one draft pick injured his anterior cruciate during the 1988–89 campaign?
A: Rookie Danny Manning.

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