Entertainment Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free trivia quiz questions about entertainment


Entertainment Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

In which magazine did The Addams Family first appear?
A: New Yorker

Whose work for orchestra and chorus, Standing Stone, was premiered in 1997?
A: Paul McCartney.

What is Alpha World?
A: Multi user game.

Where in California was Disneyland opened?
A: Anaheim.

Who won the Best Director Oscar for Titanic?
A: James Cameron.

Where was the Actor's Studio established in 1947?
A: New York.


Which stage show, which became a successful movie, features Frank N Furter and Riff Raff?
A: Rocky Horror Show.

Who was Michael "Rage" Hardy and James "Smarty" Cools female partner in Virtual Cop 2?
A: Janet.

In which decade did Showboat premiere at New York's Ziegfeld Theater?
A: 1920s

What is a MUD?
A: Multi User Computer Game.

In which European country is the theme park De Efteling?
A: The Netherlands.

Which ethnic group popularized salsa dancing in New York in the 1980s?
A: Puerto Ricans.


In Pokemon, what does Charmander become in the third stage?
A: Charizard.

Who wrote the show Company?
A: Stephen Sondheim.

Which show on skates was the first to play in Las Vegas Hilton, in '93?
A: Starlight Express.

What was the first Web browser called?
A: Mosaic.

Sugar was based on which Marilyn Monroe movie?
A: Some Like it Hot.

In Pokemon what does Pikachu develop into?
A: Raichu.


Which Russian city was famous for its State Circus?
A: Moscow.

The company whose full name was Radio Keith Orpheum produced what?
A: Films - as RKO.

Pokemon is an abbreviation of what?
A: Pocket Monster.

In which Austrian city, home of Mozart, has an annual music festival been held since 1920?
A: Salzburg.

Who is the Princess in the Super Mario Gang?
A: Daisy.

Where in Japan is the Nintendo company based?
A: Kyoto.

Alvin Ailey founded a theater for which branch of he arts?
A: Dance.