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Easy TV Trivia For Seniors

Seniors TV trivia quiz with answers about old TV Cop shows


Easy TV Trivia For Seniors

In which motor town was Robocop set?
A: Detroit.

Which US cop show was set in Hill Street Station?
A: Hill Street Blues.

Which Jessica was the sleuth in Murder She Wrote?
A: Fletcher.

Which future movie megastar Michael played Steve Keller in The Streets of San Francisco?
A: Douglas.

Where was The Untouchables set?
A: Chicago.

In which city did Jim Rockford operate?
A: Los Angeles.


Who played the millionaire police commissioner in McMillan & Wife?
A: Rock Hudson.

In Miami Vice, what was Crockett's first name?
A: Sonny.

Which crime series with Telly Savalas was known as The Lion Without  a Mane in Germany?
A: Kojak.

Which breed of long-eared dog did Columbo have?
A: Basset hound.

Where was the Vice tackled by Crockett and Tubbs?
A: Miami.

In Father Dowling Investigates, where did Father Dowling come from?
A: Chicago.


Who played an FBI agent in Twin Peaks before moving to The X Files?
A: David Duchovny.

In which country was Prisoner: Cell Block H set?
A: Australia.

Which show featured private eye Jim Rockford?
A: The Rockford Files.

Who was Cagney's female colleague?
A: Lacey.

How was Ken Hutchinson known is the 70s series with David ;Soul and Paul Michael Glaser?
A: Hutch.

Which day of the week was the last name of Dragnet's Joe?
A: Friday.


Which unmarried female detective was created by Agatha Christie?
A: Miss Marple.

In The A Team which member was known only by his initial?
A: Mr.T.

Which spicy first name did Police Woman Anderson have in the series?
A: Pepper.

The outdoor scenes of Hill Street Blues were filmed in which city?
A: Chicago.

Who called people Pussycat?
A: Kojak.

What was the name of the series about the wife of Colombo?
A: Mrs. Columbo.

After success with The streets of San Francisco Karl Malden made ads for which credit card?
A: American Express.

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