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Miami Heat Trivia Questions With Answers

Trivia questions with answers about the Miami Heat.


Miami Heat Trivia Questions With Answers

What is the Miami Heat?
A: The Miami Heat is an American professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida.

The team is a member of what division in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA)?
A: The Southeast Division.

Where do they play their home games?
A: At the American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami.

Who is the team owner?
A: Micky Arison, who also owns cruise-ship giant Carnival Corporation.

Who is the team president and de facto general manager?
A: Pat Riley.

Who is the head coach?
A: Erik Spoelstra.

Who is the team mascot?
A: Burnie, an anthropomorphic fireball.


When was the Miami Heat formed?
A: In 1988 as one of the NBA's four expansion franchises.

How many League championships has the Heat won?
A: Three league championships (in 2006, 2012 and 2013).

The Heat as also won how many conference titles?
A: Five.

How many division titles have they won?
A: 11.

From February 3 to March 27, 2013, the Heat won how many games in a row?
A: 27.

It’s the second-longest streak in NBA history second to whom?
A: The Los Angeles Lakers' 33 wins.

In 2013, Forbes valued the Heat at how much money?
A: $625 million, the sixth-most-valuable among NBA franchises.


Upon the purchasing of the franchise by Micky Arison in 1995, Pat Riley was brought in as the what?
A: The team president and head coach.

Riley acquired center Alonzo Mourning and what point guard to serve as the centerpiece for the team?
A: Tim Hardaway.

Riley transformed Miami into a championship contender throughout what period?
A: The late 1990s.

With them they also brought in what new team trainer to work on shooting?
A: Cody Posselt.

The Heat underwent a dramatic turnaround in the 1996–97 season, improving to what record?
A: A 61–21 record – a franchise record at the time, and currently second-best in team history.

That same year, Miami earned what moniker?
A: "Road Warriors" for its remarkable 32–9 record on the road.

On the backs of Hardaway and Mourning, the Heat achieved their first two what?
A: Victories in the playoffs, making it to the Conference Finals against the Chicago Bulls before bowing out in five games.


Their biggest rivals of the time were whom?
A: The New York Knicks.

In the 2003 NBA Draft, with the fifth overall pick, Miami selected what shooting guard?
A:  Dwyane Wade out of Marquette.

What free-agent swing-man was signed from the Los Angeles Clippers?
A: Lamar Odom.

Just prior to the start of the 03–04 season, Riley stepped down as head coach to focus on rebuilding the team, and he promoted who to the position of head coach?
A: Stan Van Gundy.

Behind Van Gundy's leadership, Wade's stellar rookie year and Odom's break out season, the Heat made the 2004 NBA Playoffs, beating what team 4–3 in the 1st round and losing to the Indiana Pacers 4–2 in the 2nd round?
A: The New Orleans Hornets.

In the offseason, Riley engineered a summer blockbuster trade for what player from the Los Angeles Lakers.?
A: Shaquille O'Neal.

Who returned to the Heat in the same season, serving as a backup to O'Neal?
A: Alonzo Mourning.


Returning as championship contenders, Miami finished with what record?
A: A 59–23 record.

Sweeping through the first round and the semifinals, Miami went back to the Conference Finals for the first time in how many years, where it met the defending champion Detroit Pistons?
A: Eight.

In the summer of 2005, Riley brought in what veteran free agents?
A:  Antoine Walker, James Posey, Jason Williams, and Gary Payton.

After a sub-par 11–10 start to the 05–06 season, what did Riley do?
A: He relieved Van Gundy of his duties and took back the head coaching job.

The Heat made it to the Conference Finals in 2006 and avenged its loss against the Pistons, by doing what?
A: Winning the series 4–2.

Making its first NBA Finals appearance, they matched up against what team?
A: The Dallas Mavericks.

Who won the first two games?
A: Dallas.

On the back of Dwyane Wade, the Heat won the next four games, capturing what?
A: Its first ever championship.

Who took the Finals MVP award for his efforts throughout the finals?
A: Wade.

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