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California Trivia Questions and Answers About the State of California

California trivia quiz questions with answers


California Trivia Questions and Answers About the State of California

How long after gold was discovered in 1848 at Sutter's mill in California did it take the United States to acquire the State?
A: Nine days.

The bandleader Lawrence Welk had vanity license plates in California that said what?
A: A1ANA2.

The California current is in which ocean?
A: Pacific.

Skateboards originated in California as an alternative to what?
A: Surfing.

The San Andreas fault is in which state?
A: California.

What state was windsurfing or boardsailing invented?
A: California.

What is California's State Capital?
A: Sacramento.


Joe who joined The Eagles on Hotel California as a guitarist?
A: Walsh.

What is the postal abbreviation for the state of California?
A: CA.

Where in California is Disneyland located?
A: Anaheim.

In 1976 Michelle Pfeiffer was voted what in California?
A: Miss Orange County.

Waiting 22 years to score their first chart-topping single since 1966 who is this California group?
A: The Beach Boys.

Which one of the Monkees hails from Tarzana, California?
A: Mickey Dolenz.

What ocean forms the California coast line?
A: Pacific.


Which state is known as the Golden State?
A: California.

Which U of C campus expelled Andrew "Naked Guy" Martinez for not wearing clothing?
A: Berkeley.

In 1966, why did Roberta Gibb Bingay wear a hooded sweatshirt when she ran the Boston Marathon?
A: Women were not allowed to run in the race until 1972.

 What country supplies most of the 30% of the worlds prunes not supplied by California?
A: France.

What state did Dr. Dre and 2 Pac finally find love?
A: California.

In an ounce of seeds from the giant sequoia tree, the largest of all living things, how many seeds are there?
A: 8,000.

California's 4,700 year old bristlecone pine tree was named after what biblical figure?
A: Methuselah.


In Castroville, California, who was crowned the first Artichoke Queen in 1947?
A: Marilyn Monroe.

 The Oscar for Best Supporting Actress from 1978 to 1981 all had the same initials - M.S.. Who were those actresses?
A: Maggie Smith (for California Suite), Meryl Streep, Mary Steenburgen, and Maureen Stapleton.

A California animal breeder was once sued by what actress after naming a two-headed goat after her?
A: Hedy Lamarr.

What were the three states gained by the USA after the Mexican war?
A: California, Texas, and New Mexico.

The highest percentage of residents born in other countries reside in what state?
A: California.

What city in California did Yahoo! magazine call the most wired city in America for three years running?
A: San Francisco.

What element is named after a state?
A: Californium.

In what state is the Palomar telescope located?
A: California.

Until California courts ordered all ties severed, what singer was under the complete control of therapist Eugene Landy?
A: Brian Wilson.

Which of the 50 states takes in the most tourist dollars?
A: California.

Grown in Beverly Hills before it became home to the rich and famous what major vegetable crop was grown there?
A: Lima Beans.

The first state to pass a right-to-die law was which state in 1976?
A: California.

What was Judge Roy Bean's brother Josh know for?
A: He was the first mayor of the city of San Diego, California.

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