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Hubble Space Telescope Trivia Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz about the Hubble space telescope.


Hubble Space Telescope Trivia Questions with Answers

What was the launch date of the Hubble Space Telescope?
A: April 24, 1990.

What was the launch site for the Hubble Telescope?
A: Kennedy Space Center LC-39, Florida, U.S.

What type of vehicle was used to launch Hubble?
A: Space Shuttle Discovery.

What is the mass of the Hubble Space Telescope?
A: 24,490  at launch.

How long is the Hubble Telescope?
A: 43 ft.

What type of orbit is the telescope in?
A: Near-circular low Earth orbit.

What is the height of Hubble's orbit?
A: 347 miles.


What is Hubble's orbit period?
A: 96–97 minutes.

What is Hubble's orbit velocity?
A: 25,000 feet per second.

What is the diameter of the Hubble Telescope?
A: 7.9 feet.

What is the size of the collecting area of the telescope?
A: 48 square feet.

What is Hubble's focal length?
A: 189 feet.

Hubble's four main instruments observe in what spectra?
A: The near ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared spectra.

Who is the Hubble telescope is named after?
A: The astronomer Edwin Hubble.


Hubble's orbit is outside the distortion of Earth's  what?
A: Atmosphere.

Being outside the atmosphere allows it to take what kind of images?
A: Extremely high-resolution images with almost no background light.

Many Hubble observations have led to breakthroughs in what field?
A: Astrophysics, such as accurately determining the rate of expansion of the universe.

Who built Hubble?
A: The United States space agency NASA, with contributions from the European Space Agency.

Who operates the Hubble Space Telescope?
A: The Space Telescope Science Institute.

 The HST is one of NASA's Great Observatories, along with the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Hubble is the only space telescope to be designed to be what?
A: Serviced in space by astronauts.

How many times have Space Shuttle missions repaired, upgraded, and replaced systems on the telescope?
A: Five.

Hubble's scientific successor, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), is scheduled for launch in what year?
A: 2018.

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