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Scientific Trivia Questions With Answers

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Science Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What term for "bipolar disorder" has fallen out of general use?
A: Manic depression.

What planet has a storm system called the Great Red Spot?
A: Jupiter.

What will not be back to entice astronomers until 2061?
A: Halley's Comet.

Where did Bill Clinton urge U.S. scientists to look for more signs of life, in 1996?
A: Mars.

What office image transmitter did Bell Labs demonstrate as early as 1924?
A: A fax machine.

What direction did cartographers usually place at the top of maps when they believed the Earth was flat?
A: East.

What U.S. agency is considered by e-mail users to deliver "snail mail"?
A: The U.S. Postal Service.


What N-word describes a cloud of dust and gas in space.
A: Nebula.

What car model was developed in 1938 by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche?
A: The Volkswagen Beetle.

What plant's meltdown was dubbed "Russian Roulette" by nuclear power wags?
A: Chernobyl's.

What Internet search utility was named for the mascot of the University of Minnesota, where it was developed?
A: Gopher.

What type of power is defined as the generation of electricity from water?
A: Hydroelectric power.

What type of pills are known in the pharmacy biz as "pillows:?
A: Sleeping pills.

What organ was operated on in the first microsurgical procedure, in 1921?
A: The ear.


What transparent material is produced by heating lime, sand and soda?
A: Glass.

What does the number of protons in the nucleus of  an atom determine?
A: Its Atomic number.

What unit of time, when measured by an atomic clock, equals 9,192,631,770 energy changes of a cesium atom?
A: One second.

What heat-resistant element replaced cotton as the filament of choice in electric light bulbs in 1910?
A: Tungsten.

What now-extinct bird's gizzard, when stewed in milk, was once thought to cure gallstones?
A: The passenger pigeon's.

What unit of power did James Watt coin to help market his steam engines?
A: Horsepower.

What comes in Bibb, oak leaf and escarole varieties?
A: Lettuce.


What treatment for cavities was first recommended by a 10th-century physician name Rhazes?
A: Fillings.

What did the EPA once refer to as "poorly buffered precipitation"?
A: Acid Rain.

What car parts require alignment in toe, camber and caster?
A: Wheels.

What car of the 1940s featured a central "Cyclops-eye" headlight that turned with the wheels"?
A: The Tucker.

What could Harrison's chronometer accurately measure during 18th-century voyages?
A: Longitude.

What's short for "binary digit"?
A: Bit.

Who licensed the MS-DOS operating system to IBM in 1980?
A: Bill Gates.

How many 1990s cigarettes must you smoke to get the toxic effect of one 1950s cigarette.?
A: Three.




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