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Disneyland Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

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Disneyland Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What is Disneyland?
A: Disneyland Park, originally Disneyland, is the first of two theme parks built at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, opened on July 17, 1955.

It is the only theme park designed and built to completion under the direct supervision of whom?
A: Walt Disney.

It was originally the only attraction on the property; its official name was changed to Disneyland Park to distinguish it from what?
A: The expanding complex in the 1990s.

Walt Disney came up with the concept of Disneyland after visiting what?
A: Various amusement parks with his daughters in the 1930s and 1940s.

He initially envisioned building a tourist attraction adjacent to his studios in Burbank for what?
A: To entertain fans who wished to visit; however, he soon realized that the proposed site was too small.

After hiring a consultant to help him determine an appropriate site for his project, Disney bought what?
A: A 160-acre site near Anaheim in 1953.

When did construction begin?
A: In in 1954.

The park was unveiled during a special televised press event on what television network?
A: ABC Television Network.

On what date was the televised press event?
A: On July 17, 1955.

Since its opening, Disneyland has undergone expansions and major renovations, including the addition of what in 1966?
A: New Orleans Square.

What opened in 1972?
A: Bear Country (now Critter Country).

When did Mickey's Toontown open?
A: In 1993.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is due to open when?
A: In 2019.

Opened in 2001, Disney California Adventure Park was built on the site of what?
A: Disneyland's original parking lot.

Disneyland has a larger cumulative attendance than any other what?
A: Than any other theme park in the world.

As of December 2017, how many visitors has it had since it opened?
A: 708 million

In 2017, the park had approximately how many visitors?
A: 18.3 million visitors, making it the second most visited amusement park in the world that year.

Who was first?
A: Magic Kingdom.

According to a March 2005 Disney report, jobs are supported by the Disneyland Resort?
A: 65,700.

This includes about 20,000 direct Disney employees and how many third-party employees (independent contractors or their employees)?
A: 3,800.

The concept for Disneyland began when Walt Disney was visiting Griffith Park in Los Angeles with whom?
A: His daughters Diane and Sharon.

While watching them ride the merry-go-round, he came up with the idea of a what?
A: A place where adults and their children could go and have fun together, though his dream lay dormant for many years.

He may have also been influenced by his father's memories of what?
A: The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago (his father worked at the Exposition).

The Midway Plaisance there had many rides including the first what?
A: Ferris wheel.

Another likely influence was Benton Harbor, Michigan's nationally famous what?
A: House of David's Eden Springs Park.

The colony there had the largest “what” in the world at the time?
A: Miniature railway setup.

Disney visited the park and ultimately bought what?
A: One of the older miniature trains originally used there.

The earliest documented draft of Disney's plans was sent as a memo to studio production designer Dick Kelsey on August 31, 1948, where it was referred to as a what?
A: A "Mickey Mouse Park", based on notes Disney made during his and Ward Kimball's trip to Chicago Railroad Fair.

On the trip they had a two-day stop in Henry Ford's Museum and Greenfield Village, a place with attractions like what?
A: A Main Street and steamboat rides, which he had visited eight years earlier.

While people wrote letters to Disney about visiting the Walt Disney Studios, he realized that a functional movie studio had what?
A: It had little to offer to visiting fans, and began to foster ideas of building a site near the Burbank studios for tourists to visit.

His ideas evolved to a what?
A: A small play park with a boat ride and other themed areas.

The initial concept, the Mickey Mouse Park, started with what?
A: An 8-acre plot across Riverside Drive.

He started to visit other parks for inspiration and ideas, including what?
A: Tivoli Gardens in Denmark, Efteling in the Netherlands, and Greenfield Village, Playland, and Children's Fairyland in the United States.

His designers began working on concepts, though the project grew much larger than what?
A: The land could hold.

Disney hired Harrison Price from Stanford Research Institute to do what?
A: To gauge the proper area to locate the theme park based on the area's potential growth.

Based on Price's analysis (for which he would be recognized as a Disney Legend in 2003), Disney acquired what?
A: 160 acres of orange groves and walnut trees in Anaheim, southeast of Los Angeles in neighboring Orange County.

The Burbank site originally considered by Disney is now home to what?
A: Walt Disney Animation Studios and ABC Studios.

Difficulties in obtaining funding prompted Disney to investigate new methods of fundraising, and he decided to do what?
A: Create a show named Disneyland.

It was broadcast on what then-fledgling network?

In return, the network agreed to do what?
A: To help finance the park.

For its first five years of operation, Disneyland was owned by whom?
A: Disneyland, Inc., which was jointly owned by Walt Disney Productions, Walt Disney, Western Publishing and ABC.

In addition, Disney rented out many of the shops on Main Street, U.S.A. to whom?
A: Outside companies.

By 1960, Walt Disney Productions bought out all other shares, a partnership which would eventually lead to what?
A: The Walt Disney Corporation's acquisition of ABC in the mid-1990s.

In 1952, the proposed project had been called Disneylandia, but Disney followed ABC's advice and changed it to what two years later, when excavation of the site began?
A: Disneyland.

When did construction begin?
A: On July 16, 1954 and cost $17 million to complete.

When was the park opened?
A: One year and one day later.

Disneyland was dedicated at an "International Press Preview" event held on what day?
A: Sunday, July 17, 1955, which was only open to invited guests and the media.

Although 28,000 people attended the event, only about half of those were what?
A: Invitees, the rest having purchased counterfeit tickets, or even sneaked into the park by climbing over the fence.

The following day, it opened to the public, featuring how many attractions?
A: Twenty.

The Special Sunday events, including the dedication, were televised nationwide and anchored by whom?
A: Three of Walt Disney's friends from Hollywood: Art Linkletter, Bob Cummings, and Ronald Reagan.

ABC broadcast the event live, during which many guests did what?
A: Tripped over the television camera cables.

In Frontier land, a camera caught Cummings doing what?
A: Kissing a dancer.

At one point, while in Fantasy land, Linkletter tried to give coverage to Cummings, who was where?
A: On the pirate ship.

He was not ready, and tried to give the coverage back to Linkletter, who had what?
A: Lost his microphone.

Cummings then did a play-by-play of him trying to do what?
A: Find it in front of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Traffic was delayed on the two-lane Harbor Boulevard causing Famous figures who were scheduled to show up every two hours to do what?
A: To show up all at once.

How high was the temperature?
A: An unusually high 101 °F (38 °C).

Because of a local plumbers' strike, Disney was given a choice of having what?
A: Working drinking fountains or running toilets.

He chose the latter, leaving what?
A: Many drinking fountains dry.

The asphalt that had been poured that morning was soft enough to let what happen?
A: Women's high-heeled shoes sink into it.

Some parents threw their children over the crowd's shoulders to get them where?
A: Onto rides, such as the King Arthur Carrousel.

In later years, Disney and his 1955 executives referred to July 17, 1955, as what?
A: "Black Sunday".

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