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French Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Free French trivia quiz questions with answers.


French Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Which French relish sounds a bit like a machine gun firing?
A:  Ratatouille.

French artist Edward Degas was known for what particular subject?
A:  Ballet Dancers.

In France, married men use more what than their wives?
A:  Cosmetics.

The French call what act "The English Perversion"?
A:  Whipping or Flagellation.

Pennies in a Pound, cents in a Dollar, and what in a French Franc?
A:  Centimes.

What is the name of the French Santa Clauses (St Nicholas)?
A:  Bells Nichols.

Cheval-vapeur in France is equal to what in English?
A:  Horse power.


In what French district do most of the best what clarets come from?
A:  Medoc

Britannia is the female embodiment of Britain, so who is the French?
A:  Marianne.

In 1789, what were Messidor, Thermidor and Fructidor?
A:  French revolutionary calendar months.

In French legend, who is the lover of Abelard?
A:  Heloise.

Plate de jure, in a French restaurant, translates as what?
A:  Dish of the Day.

In France who are nicknamed the Kepis blancs?
A:  Foreign Legion.

Which French artist designed Ballet sets for Diaghilev?
A: Matisse.


What language do Walloons speak in Belgium?
A:  French.

In old English what is a Bellibone from the French "Belle Bonne"?
A:  Fair Maiden.

In France what take place at Auteuil, Saint-Cloud and Chantilly?
A:  Horse Racing, they are racing courses.

In France, what are Jean Bernard, Pierre St-Martin and Berger?
A: Worlds deepest caves.

In English decks it's the Jack or Knave, what is it in French decks?
A:  Valet.

What is the highest French civil decoration awarded?
A:  Legion de Honor.

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