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Lewis and Clark Expedition Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Lewis and Clark trivia quiz questions with answers.


Lewis and Clark Expedition Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

The Lewis and Clark Expedition was also known as the what?
A:  Corps of Discovery Expedition.

It was the first American expedition to cross what?
A: What is now the western portion of the United States.

When did the expedition begin?
A: May 1804.

Where did the expedition start?
A: Near St. Louis on the Mississippi River.

Who commissioned the expedition?
A: President Thomas Jefferson shortly after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

The expedition consisted of a select group of what?
A:  U.S. Army volunteers.

Whose command  were they under?
A: Captain Meriwether Lewis.


What was the name of Merewether's close friend?
A: Second Lieutenant William Clark.

How long did the expedition last?
A: From May 1804 to September 1806.

What was the objective of the expedition?
A: It was to explore and map the newly acquired territory, and establish an American presence before Britain and other European powers tried to claim it.

The campaign's secondary objectives were what?
A: To study the area's plants, animal life, and geography, and establish trade with local Indian tribes.

References to Lewis and Clark "scarcely appeared" in history books even during the what?
A: The United States Centennial in 1876.

Lewis and Clark began to gain new attention around when?
A: The start of the 20th century.

The 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, in St. Louis, showcased Lewis and Clark as what?
A:  American pioneers.


The 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, in Portland, Oregon, also did what?
A: Showcased Lewis and Clark as American pioneers.

A complete and reliable set of what was finally compiled by Gary E. Moulton in 2004?
A: The expedition's journals.

In the 2000s, what event further elevated popular interest in Lewis and Clark?
A: The bicentennial of the expedition.

What did Thomas Jefferson want to discover ?
A: A practical route through the Northwest to the Pacific coast.

Two years into his presidency, Jefferson asked Congress to do what?
A: Fund an expedition through the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean.

Lewis demonstrated remarkable skills and potential as a what?
A: Frontiersman.

In 1803, what did Jefferson have Lewis do?
A: Study medicinal cures under Benjamin Rush, a physician and humanitarian.


Jefferson also arranged for Lewis to be further educated by Andrew Ellicott in the use of what?
A: The use of the sextant and other navigational instruments.

Lewis was not ignorant of science and had demonstrated to Jefferson a marked capacity to do what?
A: To learn, especially with Jefferson as his teacher.

At Monticello, Jefferson had the largest library in the world on what subject?
A: The geography of the North American continent.

Lewis spent time in the library doing what?
A: Consulting maps and books and conferring with Jefferson.

When did Lewis and Clark meet near Louisville, Kentucky?
A: In October 1803 at the Falls of the Ohio before departing later in the month.

The U.S. mint prepared special silver medals called what?
A: Indian Peace Medals.

The soldiers were to distribute the medals to whom?
A: To the Indians they met.


These symbolized what?
A: U.S. sovereignty over the indigenous inhabitants.

The expedition also prepared "what" to display their military firepower?
A: Advanced weapons.

One of the weapons was a.46 caliber repeating rifle with a 20-round tubular magazine that was powerful enough to do what?
A: Kill a deer.

The expedition was prepared with sufficient black powder and lead for their what?
A: Flintlock firearms.

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