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History Trivia Quiz Questions For Seniors

History trivia quiz with answers for seniors about miscellaneous historical events.


History Trivia Quiz Questions

What amendment in the U.S. Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of religion, speech and the press?
A: The First Amendment.

Who was dubbed "Lenin's left leg" during the early stages of Russia's Marxist movement?
A: Joseph Stalin.

What doctor came to court dressed as Thomas Jefferson, who was also thought to favor helping the terminally ill commit suicide?
A: Jack Kevorkian.

What country was ruled from 827 until 860 by Egbert, Ethelwulf and Ethelbald?
A: England.

What did Elizabeth I have removed from her palaces when her hair thinned and her cheeks hollowed?
A: Mirrors.


What historic structure was saved from a real estate syndicate by a donation from a Texas cattle heiress?
A: The Alamo.

Who's letter to Ronald Reagan read: "I'm very sorry...I thank God no one died"?
A: John Hinckley Jr.

How many people were killed in 1979 at the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster?
A: Zero.

What British prime minister defined a fanatic as "one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject"?
A: Winston Churchill.

What Japanese war cry meant "May you live forever"?
A: Banzai.

Who distanced herself from politics by changing her last name to Davis at 22?
A: Patti Reagan.


Who piloted the first airplane to suffer a passenger fatality, in 1908?
A: Orville Wright.

What river was Hernando De Soto the first white man to see and be buried in?
A: The Mississippi River.

Who was known as "Tanya" after a 1974 San Francisco bank robbery?
A: Patti Hearst.

What seventh king of Israel shares his name with a Herman Melville literary character?
A: Ahab.

What U.S. president died 79 days after being shot?
A: James Garfield.

What outfit's National Intelligence Daily has a circulation of about 200?
A: The Central Intelligence Agency's.


What leader said in 1942: "Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much"?
A: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What child name's plunge in U.S. popularity was attributed to a famous 1974 scandal?
A: Richard's.

What 1970 hit movie was banned on military bases for "reducing the conventions and paraphernalia of war to total idiocy?
A: M*A*S*H

What awards, founded in 1901, are funded with the help of the Bank of Sweden?
A: The Nobel Prizes.

What country did 300,000 Chinese troops invade in February of 1979?
A: Vietnam.



What seductive World War I spy had a daughter named Banda who was also a spy?
A: Mata Hari.

What color were the "black boxes" on TWA  Flight 800?
A: Orange.

Where in Beijing did Chinese students build a Goddess of Democracy in May, 1989?
A: Tiananmen Square.

What author moved some 56 times in the six months after he was issued a death threat?
A: Salman Rushdie.

What Connecticut resident was the first woman in U.S. history to be elected a U.S. governor without inheriting the office from a hubbie?
A: Ella Grasso.

What secretary of defense admitted the Vietnam War was a "mistake" in 1995?
A: Robert McNamara.

What nation's 90-man army is the world's oldest, dating back to 1506?
A: Vatican City's.






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