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Fun Trivia Questions And Answers About American History Topics

Fun interesting American history trivia quiz questions with the answers about historical American topics.


Fun Trivia Questions And Answers About American History Topics

In 1950, what character was on first metal lunchbox in the United States?
A: Hopalong Cassidy.

In which state, in 1979, did Woolworth's originate?
A: Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Which  American president was the only one elected after running unopposed?
A: George Washington.

In the Muppet show, what were the old hecklers named after?
A: New York Hotels Waldorf Stadler

Which American state was the first to enter the union , on the 7th of Dec 1787?
A: Delaware (Pennsylvania was second)

In 1924, Rice-Kellogg invented what?
A:  Loudspeakers.


The Chief of the Iroquois Indians had the same name as what car?
A:  Chief Pontiac.

Terry Bollea became famous but is better known as who?
A: Hulk Hogan.

What was the name of Frank Sinatra's Yacht?
A: My Way Again.

De Witt Wallace founded what magazine?
A: Readers Digest.

Who wrote "The turn of the Screw"?
A: Henry James.

What job did Al Capone do according to his business card?
A: Sell second hand furniture.


Which 1956 film caused riots in cinemas?
A: Rock around the clock.

In 1956, What kind of hats became popular with children?
A: Davy Crocket.

Roosevelt won the 1932 election , but who lost it?
A:  Herbert Hoover

What term was coined on July 17th, 1942 in an issue of Yank magazine?
A:  G I Joe

What was the first chocolate candy bar created by Forest Mars in 1923?
A: Milky Way.

What TV series was narrated by Walter Winchell?
A: The Untouchables


Which American Indians modern name in Spanish means village?
A: Pueblo

What infamous person sometimes used the pseudonym Al Brown?
A: Al Capone

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