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1923 Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz questions about things that happened in the year 1923.


1923 Trivia Questions and Answers

All major British railway companies are grouped into four larger companies, under terms of the what?
A:  Railways Act 1921.

Lithuania begins the Klaipėda Revolt to do what?
A: Annex the Klaipėda Region (Memel Territory).

Poland annexes what?
A: The Republic of Central Lithuania

Despite strong British protests, troops from France and Belgium occupy the  what?
A: The Ruhr area to force Germany to make reparation payments.

What does Juan de la Cierva invent?
A: The autogyro, a rotary-winged aircraft with an unpowered rotor.

What is destroyed by a fire?
A:  Elon College's campus in North Carolina.

Norman Albert calls the first live broadcast of a what on the Toronto station CFCA?
A: An ice hockey game.


Who resigns as Prime Minister of Australia, after the Country Party refuses to govern in coalition with him as the leader of the Nationalist Party?
A: Billy Hughes.

Hughes is succeeded by whom?
A: His Treasurer, Stanley Bruce.

Albert Einstein visits Barcelona, Spain, at the invitation of whom?
A: Scientist Esteban Terradas i Illa.

The USS Connecticut is what?
A: Decommissioned.

Retired U.S. Speaker of the House Joseph G. Cannon appears on the first cover of what?
A: The first issue of Time magazine.

Vladimir Lenin suffers his what?
A: His third stroke, which renders him bedridden and unable to speak.

Pete Parker calls the play-by-play of the first ice hockey game ever what?
A: Broadcast on the radio in its entirety.


The game was between the Regina Capitals and the Edmonton Eskimos of the what?
A:  Western Canada Hockey League.

Warner Bros. film studio is formally incorporated as what?
A: Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc.

Louis Armstrong makes his first recording, "Chimes Blues", with what band?
A: King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.

Yankee Stadium opens its doors as the home park of the what?
A: The New York Yankees baseball team in The Bronx.

Egyptian Constitution of 1923 adopted, introducing what?
A: A parliamentary system of democracy in the country.

April 23 – The Gdynia seaport is inaugurated on the Polish Corridor.

Where does Prince Albert, Duke of York  marry Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon?
A: In Westminster Abbey.

Wembley Stadium opened its doors for the first time to the British public staging what?
A: The FA Cup Final between Bolton Wanderers and West Ham Utd.


Southeastern Michigan receives a record 6 inches (15 cm) of snow after temperatures what?
A: Plummeted from 62 to 34 degrees between 1 and 6 pm on the previous day.

The premiere of Bertolt Brecht's play In the Jungle (Im Dickicht) at the Residenz theater in Munich is interrupted by whom?
A: Nazi demonstrators.

What war ends?
A:  The Irish Civil War.

The first 24 Hours of Le Mans motor race is held, and is won by whom?
A:  André Lagache and René Léonard.

The Ku Klux Klan defies a law requiring what?
A: Publication of its members.

A military coup in Bulgaria ousts what prime minister?
A:  Aleksandar Stamboliyski (he is killed June 14).

William Walton's "what" is performed for the first time?
A: Façade.


Why does President Li Yuanhong of China abandon his residence?
A: A warlord has commanded forces to surround the mansion and cut off its water and electric supplies.

What volcano erupts in Italy, making 60,000 homeless?
A: Mount Etna.

Large "what" kill 23 in Rostov, Soviet Union?
A: Hailstones.

Who is assassinated at Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua?
A: Pancho Villa.

Hyperinflation in Germany has seen the number of marks needed to purchase a single American dollar reach what?
A:  353,000 - more than 200 times the amount needed at the start of the year.

President Harding, dies of a heart attack and is succeeded by whom?
A: Vice President Calvin Coolidge.

The first major seagoing ship arrives where?
A: At Gdynia, the newly constructed Polish seaport.


Who is named Chancellor of Germany and founds a coalition government for the Weimar Republic?
A: Gustav Stresemann.

What earthquake devastates Tokyo and Yokohama, killing an estimated 142,807 people?
A: The Great Kantō earthquake

The Italian navy occupies Corfu in retaliation for what?
A: The murder of an Italian officer.

At the International Police Conference in Vienna, the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC), better known as "what", is set up?
A: Interpol.

The Irish Free State joins what?
A: The League of Nations.

Ankara replaces Constantinople as the what?
A: Capital of Turkey.

Roy and Walt Disney found what?
A: The Walt Disney Company.

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