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Military Trivia Questions

Who was the Major General who invented the exploding shell?
A:  Henry Shrapnel

During the Vietnam war Comic Book  was US military slang for what?
A: Maps

General William Smith, a confederate, carried what into battle?
A:  A Blue Parasol

Operation Chastise during WWII was better known as the what raid?
A: Dambusters Raid

During WWII, what was the British equivalent of the German "E-Boat"?
A: The MTB or Motor Torpedo Boat

When the Soviets invaded Hungary in 1956,who they were led by?
A: Nikita Khrushchev

Why did Genghis Khans soldiers ride female horses?
A:  For their milk


Who fought the battle of Trafalgar, Spain, France, and what other country?
A: Britain

What was the most bombed place in WWII?
A:  Malta

The Battle of Hastings was fought where?
A: Senlac hill

Which two countries fought The chako war 1932-1935?
A: Bolivia and Paraguay

In WWII, what kind of aircraft was a horsa?
A:  A glider

What kind of pet did Robert E Lee have during the civil war?
A:  A Hen

At Waterloo who commanded the Prussian troops?
A:  Marshal Blucher

In WW2 what kind of weapon was a kaiten ?
A: A Japanese manned torpedo

What did the US call a "predawn vertical insertion"?
A: The invasion of Granada

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